Video documentary – my day at CyberMummy

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Finally, my round up of the incredible day that was CyberMummy – does this capture the craziness?!

All characters in this film share no physical resemblance to the people they depict.  This film is designed to document my day at CyberMummy and alongside the chaos demonstrate what a fantastic, jam packed full of great stuff day it was.   The 450 bloggers that attended were very lucky to be a part of it.  And by the way, I didn’t pick up one single goody bag – it was all about learning new things and meeting friends old and new…

…oh apart from the Disney one because that looked good…oh and the big pink one at the end, who could resist?!

A huge thank you once again to Lego Duplo for my ticket, train fare and hotel overnight, to Huggies for treating us to breakfast and Boden for dressing me.  You can see the outfit here (it’s a bargain now in the sale) using the Boden Outfit-maker.


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  1. THAT, my dear Catherine, is just flipping brilliant!!!

    • Why thank you my lovely it was a total pleasure to squee with you!

  2. AMAZING! I hope I’m the one at breakfast wearing the eye patch…

    • I hearby declare that the eye patch is officially yours!

  3. I didn’t go to Cybermummy but wow, did I miss this!! Quite superb – either that or you’re as mad as a box of frogs. 😉

    • A comfortable somewhere in the middle of wow and frogs!!!

  4. ROFL! Oh, that is just BRILLIANT!!! Love, love, love it!

  5. Very clever, throughly bonkers but I like that in a person! Mich x

    • I find that a spoonful of bonkers is an essential quality of any mother!!

  6. Brilliant! Love it! 🙂

  7. That is genius… By far THE BEST CyberMummy post I have seen.

    Can I ask??? Am I Shaun the sheep, the cat or the dog???? Think carefully before answering:)

    What happened to the jaunt to Brick Lane?

    Big snogs.

    • You may choose my dear, I would highly recommend mittens the cat but then timmy (not shaun I should add) is very, very funny. And ruffy the dog is very sweet!!
      As for the escapade to brick lane, there simply wasn’t enough floor space for that walk, but it was a definite highlight!
      Love ya x

  8. I love it! And glad to have been of just a teeny bit of service in the lost phone drama (and I got to speak to your mum too!) Toodlepip!

    • Absotootly, I am forever in your debt! My mum was quite excited by all the drama!

  9. Genius! I just spat my coffee everywhere

  10. Ha ha!! That’s so funny……I’m crying on my toast! x

  11. Absolutely brilliant! 🙂

  12. That’s brilliant! The Boy and I have just chuckled at that.

  13. BRILLIANT!! Hahah love the creativity =)

  14. Wallace and Grommit should watch out.
    Loved it lol

  15. Easily the best Cybermummy post. LOVE this! Although…I didn’t realise I was white with blonde hair. I wish someone had told me. *identity crisis*

    PS And no mention of a, um, certain crafting party? *ahem* *cough* 😉

    • My instincts told me to spend as little time as possible choosing who played who – mainly through lack of suitable toys to fairly represent those involved!!!!! Who knew that you’re camera was so massive also?!!!!!
      I think the ‘parties’ may have to be part deux!

    • No mention of the fact that she lost her iphone either…..
      Am beginning to think that there really needs to be a part 2…

      • Watch again lady how could you miss the fisher price phone?!

  16. This is brilliant. Love it x

  17. Ha ha. Brilliant! xx

  18. Just one word. brilliant.

  19. Made my day!

  20. LMAO! That’s brilliant.

  21. Fantastic. I love how hubby runs up – kiss kiss – [knocks you over] – “oh sorry”. Hysterical.

    • You’ll be pleased to know that he didn’t really knock me over – it was however even more fleeting than that, and I cried afterwards, much to the surprise of the ticket gate man!

  22. Brilliant!

  23. I love it! Just brilliant. Just wondering, on the video side, did you have a script at all or was it spontaneous? Obviously a lot of planning went into this and it’s amazing you did it all in one take!

    • Totally unscripted, just a list of my highlights to ‘stage’ the production from the toy box with! I think if I’d thought more into it I would have either dismissed it as crazy or taken a year to complete it!

    • The lack of script did mean that the doorman wasn’t in position and Sarah brown was dismissed (not intentionally!) at the entrance as she was supposed to be behind the scenes ready her welcome on stage!

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  27. This is absolutely amazing. You are hilarious x

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