Tesco Grocery Freshness Challenge

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Tesco fresh foodLeft to right:

Sweet potato, feta & beetroot salad, chicken stuffed with soft cheese, mushrooms & spinach wrapped in bacon, beef quesadillas, lamb stew with sweet potato & asparagus.

A little while ago, Tesco asked if I’d take part in their Grocery Freshness challenge by ordering a weekly shop containing loads of lovely fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish.

Tesco operates a freshness guarantee and if there’s one thing that really gets on my wick, its fruit that goes bad after a day or two.  Strawberries in particular – in the fridge, out, in the fridge, out – they either never go ripe or they turn to mush as soon as you turn your back.

So I was keen to put Tesco through their paces.

I was pleasantly surprised – Tesco is your everyday, reliable supermarket – you don’t expect bells and frills but with the cost of food soaring, you do expect to get good quality and service for your money at least.  And Tesco are consistently reliable.  When you shop in store, the quick pay option takes a huge amount of hassle out of the equation (apart from when bear insists in pulling the scanner out of the holder and clocking himself between the eyes).

We order a big shop every two weeks and it’s always laden with loads of veg, fruit, cheese, bread, cold meats and fish, as well as meat for the freezer.  We tried online ordering on the iPad and whilst quick and easy it would be great if they had an app so that you could scan the barcodes like you do with your iPhone.

Tesco delivery van online ordering

The delivery drivers are always really friendly and always offer to bring the food into the kitchen.  It does always surprise me that even when you order without bags, you still seem to get 8 or 9 but I think this probably for hygiene reasons with raw meat, and safety with cleaning products – open for new ways of being greener.

The quality of delivered food is just as good – my only slight question would be over the sizes you get with home delivery – I usually receive the biggest courgettes you’ve seen in your life!  It would also be great if it were quicker and easier to add a forgotten item after checking out.  Plus an ‘items you might like’ area whilst you’re shopping – I sometimes miss browsing the aisles; the World Food section in particular!

There are always options for each budget; when it comes to chicken we go for organic or at least free range corn-fed – their whole chickens are always excellent and around £4-£5 feeds the family.  We eat a lot of fish so their three for £10 on salmon always goes down well.

If you shop at Tesco and fill up at the petrol station, Clubcard points really stack up.  Sometimes I take them off our next shop, other times I treat myself to new PJ’s!

I do love a mooch around a farmers market on a Sunday morning, tasting olives and Turkish Delight, but in the real world where mouths are constantly open and boys are always hungry, one cannot survive on a small wicker basket full of Danish pastries and sun-dried tomatoes a week, so we shop at Tesco – the prices are good, the rewards are a nice treat and overall the quality is excellent.

A house with a full fruit bowl is a far calmer place when you have a three year old with a bottomless pit of a tummy.

We received a £50 off a £60 shop from Tesco for taking part in this challenge.  I stick to the Bloggers with Integrity code to only post open and honest reviews.


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