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My husband’s Grandparents have both passed away in the time that we’ve been together – his Grandad only a year or so after we met – his funeral was the day I met my husband’s ex girlfriend for the first time which added an edge to the day for me, but my focus was on being a support to the family rather than my own insecurities.

My husband’s Grandmother could be a stubborn woman – in the nicest possible way.  She was big and sometimes tetchy and didn’t suffer fools.  “Saying no to me is like saying arse to yer mother” she used to say.  When we were late visiting her she’d lay on the guilt with a shovel “I thought you’d forgotten me”.

We used to buy her gummy sweets and little bottles of rose from Morrisons on our way to see her.

One time, we were late and arrived to find an ambulance in the driveway.  She’d tripped on the back step – probably coming out to sit on the wall to watch for us.  I felt wretched and stood in the hall and sobbed.  I’m useless in a drama.

She wasn’t well enough to come to our wedding so watching the video back with us was a joy – and when her sister told her that it was the most beautiful wedding reception she’d ever seen I saw a proud tear well in her eye.

When I fell pregnant, she’d moan that it was going too slowly and it all needed to hurry up.  She was so desperate to meet our baby.

She passed away five days before he was born and I was crushed.  A woman who was tough and timid at the same time, a force to be reckoned with yet as soft as you like.  I’d known her only five years but she had a really special place in my heart.

When I was in labour a woman walked through the delivery suite – she was a young naval wren.  She stopped by my bed and smiled and disappeared.  It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced, but I knew it was her.

Thinking about her chokes me every time. I’m not spiritual, religious, or otherwise.  I’m not particularly interested in life after death, the other side or anything else.  But I do know that she’s around and about.

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  1. Such a beautiful post. She sounds like one hell of a lady and I’m sorry she didn’t make it to meet your son. They say somebody goes to make way for new life, I guess that was what she was doing. Xx

  2. Aww that is very sad, but a nice tribute to what sounds like a strong woman x

  3. What a character, i love that saying “saying no to me is like saying arse to yer mother”. Just brilliant!


  4. So sad.
    My thinking over the years is that those are tough have perhaps had to be through life’s challenges and that often tough characters are actually terrified inside.
    My attempt for the Gallery is over at

  5. I am not particulary spiritual either, but when my grandad passed away when I was about 7 he came in my room and said goodbye then walked out again.

    wierdest experience i have ever had but also was lovely….

    • Crazy isn’t it – you wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you – making you imagine it because you want it to be real.

  6. awww *grabs tissues* that’s so sad. What a beautiful story though.

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