And then I said to my husband….are you being bullied?

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“Is everything alright babe?” I enquired over chicken fajitas one evening.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” 

“No of course not” was the reply, “everything’s fine, why do you ask?”.

He was quite matter of fact in his reply, not defensive or agitated, he just proceeded to smother another tortilla wrap with sour cream and pile a shocking amount of grated cheese on top of the chicken and peppers.  My mind flitted from the conversation momentarily – that is way, way, way too much cheese.

My mind returned to the problem I was trying to address.  I’d become concerned some weeks before – little tell-tale signs here and there – I was determined to get to the bottom of it, even though my opening questions hadn’t had a particularly revealing response.

I tried another approach.  “Are people at work taking things from you?”

“No don’t be silly!” was the slightly bemused response.

“So,  tell me, please tell me dearest husband – where are all your sodding socks?!!” I asked.  “I buy you at least 6 new pairs a month! A month! Where do they go?!”

So, I drew the obvious conclusion that any wife would arrive – the only rational assumption – someone must be taking his new black socks from him at work because theirs are so holey, smelly and old.  Rather than buying their own socks they’re manipulating and intimidating my husband into giving up his.

There’s no other logical reasoning.  Where else could they possibly go?  How can one man get through so many pairs of new socks?

Sock bullies, pah, wait until I get my hands on them.



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  1. that made me chuckle.. either that or its the sock goblin in the washing machine! He regularly visits our house, hes free to take the old ones but never does lol

  2. Oh Goodness! This had my darling hubby (and I) in absolute stitches.

  3. I came to the conclusion about six weeks ago that my husband eats them when I’m not looking. It is the only logical explanation for the amount of black socks I buy.

  4. I was all ready for a sad tale of work place bullying. This made me smile.


  5. Ahahahahaha! That really made me LOL, so funny! So glad there is no work place bullying going on though – phew!

  6. I blame the washing machine, psychotic! And it doesn’t even have feet!!

  7. lol this is hilarious. I thought this was going to be a sad and horrible post so put off reading it. x

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