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July 20, 2011 at 9:06 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 5 Comments
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The theme this week for The Gallery is vintage which I have to admit had me in a bit of a frenzy. At the same time it made me want to piddle in delight a little bit – I adore vintage, although sometimes saying so makes me feel like a little bit of a fraud. Mainly because I wish I had more time in my life to spend appreciating it and basking in it.

Our house hosts a few pieces – a Lloyd Loom wash basket, a pretty china wash bowl and jug, a very Lady Di-ish occasion hat wish netting blush… As well as jars of buttons, mis-matched cups and saucers, old bar stools and the like….

I day dream of a house filled with doilies, Singer sewing machines and Susie Cooper. My mum will be proud.

You would think that living in Oxford we’d be surrounded by the ruddy stuff. But actually those little gems are hard to come by – charity shops are dreary and over priced and our car boot sales are great for books and little metal cars (I vow never to buy a Hot Wheels circa 1995) and pretty china but the real vintage, well there’s no place like Brick Lane.

So that’s where my picture is from – Brick Lane, with some incredibly special friends who treated us to a day in their neighbourhood. I could have stayed forever and a day.




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  1. Oh that place sounds like my seventh heaven! I would love to go there. Again like you I am a fraud vintage lover because I don’t get the time and opportunity to buy and appreciate as much as I would like. Plus little ones are very good destroyers of things i happen to love. Maybe when they are a bit older. x

  2. I confess to never having been to Brick Lane and yet it’s high on my list. I’ve heard some wonderful things about it.Must find time to go soon.
    Gorgeous photo by the way

    • Well worth a visit, I didn’t want to come home!

  3. Aww very vintage. Lovely photo x

  4. I love vintage too! All sorts from clothes to furniture! The best charity shops I found where in Sunny old Hastings! Cheep as chips and always found some thing interesting to add to my collection of loved junk!
    Love Brick Lane too! A great place too people watch and rummage around on a lovely after sunday afternoon with loved ones! Any time!

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