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July 22, 2011 at 9:17 pm | Posted in Reviews | 3 Comments
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mini micro scooter

If you haven’t heard of Micro Scooters where have you been?! If you’ve not been scooted past on the way to school or been overtaken in the park by one, you’re about to be.

This is possibly the single best addition to our household this year.  I’ll explain why.

– Getting a child from A to B once they’ve outgrown a pushchair can be nigh on impossible – if you want to say, for example, go to the pond to feed the ducks and get there before they fly home to roost for the night.  Or for example, make it back to the cafe from a walk before they are closing up and putting the bins out.  A scooter can help.

– Getting a toddler into a car seat can be nigh on impossible.  Especially if you need to get into the car and be somewhere soonish – like work.  Bribery with the scooter also being in the car and the promise of ‘having a go’ on arrival at said destination, can help.

– Getting a child to walk up a big hill to get to pre-school can be nigh on impossible.  Encouragement with coasting back down again on a scooter can help.

– Encouraging a toddler to be accepted with the older and cooler cousins whilst ‘playing out’ can be nigh on impossible.  A scooter can help.

And this thing is robust.  It crashes, falls, collides, crashes – and it’s good as new.  Coupled with a Spider Man helmet, there isn’t much more a three-year old could want out of life.

If you want to get from place A to place B faster with less grumbling, get a Micro Scooter, or forever hold your peace.

RRP £55.95 from Micro Scooters.

This is a sponsored post.  We were lucky enough to receive a Red Mini Micro Scooter to review.  I stick to the Bloggers with Integrity Code to post honest open reviews.



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  1. Aww how cute does he look. Adorable. x

    • He think’s he’s such a dude on it!!!

  2. This was one of the best gifts Mini G ever received. He got it for his 3rd bday. He’s about to graduate to big boy Micros soon, but the mini micro has been fantastic.

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