The 27 Club – what would you have missed

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Amy Winehouse

News of the death of Amy Winehouse at the weekend was totally tragic – I liked her music but wouldn’t claim to be an avid listener of her work – more important than her accomplishments to me is the fact that she was so terribly young.  Her dad had tried so hard to block her path to destruction; he’d pleaded with her and the media but it wasn’t enough and he lost her.  That is truly devastating for any family.

At the grand old age of 32 (not 31 mum, I stand corrected), it made me think about how much can happen in a short period of time. I dared to take my eye off the weaning recipes for one second and all of a sudden I have a three-year old.  A three year old who now throws stones at my car and then says ‘I’m really sorry mummy but it was an accident’.  I said ‘I do’ a matter of moments ago and just missed my fourth wedding anniversary – we both forgot which is better than just one of us forgetting but a little sad – will we lose count of how many years it’s been when we get to double digits?  Will I ask my husband to just put the bins out instead of taking me out?

Between the ages of 27 and 32, just five short years, a lot has happened.  It’s mainly fit in around labour, sickness bugs, swine flu, and supermarket tantrums.  But we’ve had a hell of a lot of utterly wonderful moments.  In just five years of adulthood.  And parenthood.

We’ve moved house and partially renovated a new house – the bathroom is still disgusting but we have a smart Ikea kitchen, freshly painted garage and extended driveway complete with brand new weeds poking up through the gravel.

We’ve travelled the world, got married – in the huge white dress I dreamed of (and almost fell out of prior to the first dance – choreographed first dance I should add); we’ve had a beautiful son who arrived a month early and put me totally out of my ‘in control and loving it’ comfort zone, and I started my business which has been growing beautifully for three and a half years – I’ve even learned (with the help of a reality TV show) to live without lists and an insane level of organisation.  As a result I’ve been rewarded with being in the position to move to our first office last week.

Amy was a young lady with her life ahead of her.  A different path maybe, but we both started in the same place once upon a time.  She probably wanted very similar things to me but temptations were laid on with a shovel and pulled her towards choices that she probably never dreamed she’d make.

I hate to think I’m getting philosophical in my old age and every time I write a post that concludes that life is short I curse myself.  So rather than being morbid and dwelling; whilst many of us are thinking of Amy’s family in what must be such a difficult time, to me it feels important to just be more aware of what’s going on around us.  What impact the things we do have on other people and how putting people before ourselves is the most rewarding feeling.  And if someone said you’ve only got five years what the blooming heck would you do with it?!

I know I’d work less and play more.  Philosophical old fool that I am.  Can’t help it.


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