Learning to walk – age 3

August 4, 2011 at 8:31 pm | Posted in Baby Care & Health, Baby Development, Daily Life | 3 Comments
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When our little boy was born, he had non-fixed or positional talipes in one ankle.  I’m such a rubbish mother (the type that recorded special milestones for about the first month and then forgot to keep it up), that I can’t remember which ankle it was – left I think.

A few seconds after I gave birth I saw that his foot was bent back double against his shin.  It looked more like a flipper than a foot and it was terrifying.

We saw a specialist in hospital who explained what it was.  It promptly went in one ear and out of the other.  I’d gone into labour a month early, was absolutely and definitely not ready to become a mum yet and hadn’t slept for 24 hours.  It was still a flipper even if it wasn’t life threatening as far as I was concerned.

Looking back I should have been grateful that I’d even managed to fall pregnant, carry a baby to term and deliver a healthy and happy 6lb 7 and 3/4 oz baby.  Knowing what I know now I needn’t have worried in the grand scheme of things.

A few weeks after he was born he was referred for scans and other hospital appointments, all of which put our fears at bay and confirmed that with simple physio, which we could do at home, the matter would rectify itself.

When bear started to walk at 13 months we noticed just how much he walked in on his ankles.  Sometimes he looked like he would topple inwards.  We got the physio back to examine him.  He’s fine she said after various tiptoe tests.

About a year later we still weren’t happy and got her back again – this time she had an accomplice, determined to allay our concerns and not be summoned ever again.  He’s fine she said with supportive nods from her chum.  They even left us with internet print outs of strengthening exercises we could do for his ankles – just to keep us happy.

Now, bear has just turned three and really walks in on his ankles still.  So what do we do?! Get the physio back again?  Seek alternative help?  Get him fitted with a set of wheels and just be done with it?

Like I said before, we’re extremely lucky to have a happy and healthy little boy.  But he’s a very active boy and I’d never forgive myself if on the momentous occasion of his first sports day he fell at the starting line for the egg and spoon race because we didn’t get his feet looked at soon enough.  God sports day brings back some bad memories….I had my plimsolls on the wrong feet, that’s my excuse.   And I’m sticking to it.



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  1. Aww wee lamb. I think if it concerns you, you should definitely get it checked out, like you said you would never forgive yourself if it got worse. Hugs x

  2. We’ve had EXACTLY the same issue with Big Sis! Am about to blog about it actually. I’ve found some shoes that are supposed to help – will forward link once I get it live!! x

    • Ooh that would be great thanks hun x

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