You don’t know me, I just have one of those faces…

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Today bear and I ventured from Oxford to London to Regent’s Park and Lollibop – the big bash for little people.  And we had an incredible time.

One episode in particular stands out so what the heck, I’ll share it now…

To set the scene, I’m in the press area having a snack, bear is high on strawberry yo-yo’s and is hopping around – partly because he needs the loo and party because of the vast injection of sugar.

I spot a woman and a conversation follows which goes like this – my insane level of nerdness had my husband in hysterics….

Me – “I’m sorry to interrupt you but you look really familiar but I’m not sure why?” (she did look familiar, I was also all by myself).

Her – “I’m not sure, do you do the festivals, I work as a writer for music sites so I’m at most of them”.  (she’s very cool and has a very cool son).

Me – “Maybe that’s it then, I’ve probably met you at another event”. (what am I saying?!)

Her – “People say it a lot”

Me – “Do you have one of those faces?! I do too!”(oh my god get me out of here I am such a total loser)

Her – “So what do you do?”

Me – “I’m a mummy blogger” (could I not just have said ‘mum’, or even just ‘blogger’ that sounded so incredibly lame’

Her – “Ooh right”.

Me – “Have you enjoyed it so far?  We have; apart from the crazy mummies at the Peppa Pig meet and greet trampling on children to make sure their kids got a cardboard Peppa mask”

Her – “Wow”

Me – “I know, wow”

Her – “Maybe they should have had special areas at the front for really little children so they don’t get squashed”

Me – “Yes and have you noticed the recycling bins are really small…..” (trails off realising total nerdiness)

Her – “We should chat, damn I don’t have any cards” (now that took me by surprise)

Me – “I do, I have some in my purse, I’ll get one” (pouncing far too quickly but as I’ve been a total dork so far, hey)

Her – “Ok thanks, we should, you know collaborate”

Me – “Oh yes definitely lets”

This was followed by a little more small talk before we went our separate ways…

Now, if you’re reading (seeing as I gave you my Baby Genie card) – Fox (such a cool name – matched by cool outfit) -I’m not normally like this always like this – but it was nice to talk to you – we had a fab day – the Zingzillas, football practice, and crazy barn dancing amongst the highlights. If you ever do want the opinion of a ‘blogger’ for one of your reviews – I’m here, down here!

I should add that I was holding bear for the entire conversation during which he chewed my shoulder like a puppy the whole time in some weird nervous attention seeking ploy so I had spit running down my arm for the duration of this little chat.


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