CyberMummy Part 2 – the deleted scenes

August 8, 2011 at 11:41 pm | Posted in CyberMummy, CyberMummy Videos, Vlogging | 15 Comments
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It’s the follow up you all asked for…


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  1. I wasn’t even there and I find that funny !

  2. Genius. Just genius. And speaking as the shoulder than Sian cuddled up to … I thought your depictions were spot on 🙂

  3. I love you so much Catherine – I am crying with laughter.
    Thank you for immortalising my story on film.

    (PS – for anyone not understanding the relevance of the “getting locked out of a hotel room” section, please see here )

  4. A career in movie making awaits you!

  5. That was epic!!

  6. Genius.x

  7. Makes me even more determined to go next year! Thank you.

  8. Omg I am crying with laughter.

    That re-enactment of the party is just hilarious! x

    • Gutted I couldn’t find any netting or feathers in my craft box to recreate the bumble bee!

  9. That walk to Brick Lane was far longer in real life!

    Ace video you are hilarious! x

    • It was never ending! I was crippled the next day!

  10. lol love it. So funny x

  11. LOL!!! Hands down the best CM reviews ever! Love them! ❤

    p.s. great lego dildos!

  12. […]  If you missed the last one, here is CyberMummy 2011 in all it’s glory, there’s a part 2 as well – guest starring Sarah Brown (who I should add was delighted to be a red transformer […]

  13. […] wanted to leave you with a video message to continue with tradition (see previous CyberMummy, the deleted scenesand Cyber videos) and bring you a toy themed greeting in my absence.  Who am I to argue with demand […]

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