Proof of why lists are bad news…

August 11, 2011 at 6:21 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 12 Comments
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As many regular readers will know, I battled for sometime with a slight obsession for lists – I thought I was being super organised and effecient but actually it was making me feel overwhelmed – plus my brain made the decision that I didn’t need the memory function anymore because I was writing everything down.

I just found an old list in the back of a pad – if you do this then stop! It’s really bad for you! Stop writing lists and just get on with living your life – believe me it’s far more fun! I should write a book – you can leave list writing behind in just three weeks!

Play in the garden – water and weed
Get washing from dryer
Clean bathroom
Call sister in law
Find photos of bear for Moo CyberMummy cards
Clearn kitchen
Get nursery bag ready
Sort receipts
Order CyberMummy cards
Figure out incoming links on WordPress
Do bear’s party invites
Go through business plan notes
Register to give blood

This was my to do list for ONE evening. Yes you would be right in thinking I was wired 24/7.



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  1. have you been snooping in my kitchen…..
    I have one of those every day! I’m the opposite, if I don’t have a list I feel overwhelmed, the list frees my brain up for other things like remembering the kids names!

    • That’s what I thought! But I was going to bed with a half full list and feeling like a failure! No list = no pressure! If you don’t write it down, it still gets done!

  2. no you just have to remember to add the things you haven’t done today onto tomorrows list before you go to bed….and so on & so on…..until things like ‘clean the bathroom’ no longer matter anymore!! haha

    • LOL exactly! Although my stomach was turning over when I woke up thinking about how huge my ‘carry over’ list from the day before was! Honestly, list free life is the way forward!

  3. I’m too scared to try…… I once broke down & cried when I lost my holiday packing list!!

    • I know exactly how you feel – I’ve lost lists or reminders on scraps of paper and felt like the world was closing in on me. I’ve deleted spreadsheets accidentally and a wanted to throw up. That’s why life without lists is so much easier – nothing to lose! It took me three weeks and I felt like crap at the start, totally out of control. Whereas now I just spring out of bed and get on with my day – no pressure, no feeling of not having enough time to get it all done, just one thing at a time!

  4. but what if you forget something? My memory is so crap these days I would forget to do everything…..I often even write ‘have lunch’ on my list!!

    • I found that my memory was crap because I wasn’t using it. I was writing everything down and relying on that. As soon as I stopped my memory came back. I forget the odd thing but that makes me normal!

  5. I don’t have lists for each day – just one continuous list that I keep adding to. I crossed two things off it the other day and I wrote those on the day after i got home from Cybermummy.

    I ❤ Lists.
    Live by the list. Die by the list.

    • I have too many list lovers…. I am going to come back with a bigger stick

      • Or you could make a film about it…

      • That I could!

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