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August 24, 2011 at 9:47 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 8 Comments
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A few months ago I dropped my hard drive and lost thousands of photos.  I got some back but I lost special moments like playing in the snow last winter – we might not ever have snow like that again.

Photographs are such treasured memories – and I was distraught – it took me weeks to get over – I honestly felt like someone had died.  I really empathised with Richard Branson after the fire at his Necker Island home when I heard that he’d lost so many photographs.

But it also reminded me that there is a balance, capture those memories – but don’t miss the real ones either.

This is me on my wedding day.  I was terrified about seeing our wedding pictures for the first time; convinced that I’d hate them all – find fault in every pose, expression and gesture.  The relief when I found out how magically clever our photographer was will never leave me – she’s a miracle worker; an angel.  I wish I could carry her everywhere in my pocket.

I love this picture.  I was just about to walk down the aisle.  We had to retreat shortly afterwards when the registrar came rushing in behind me and announced that I hadn’t confirmed my identity – silly woman.  Then we did it all again.  But it was totally and utterly everything that I dreamed of.  The whole day – even with the drunken waitress, trollied on our champagne propositioning our (male and female) guests.

This is my entry for The Gallery this week, with the theme of World Photography Day.

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  1. This is so gorgeous and captures such a special milestone as you turned from single to maried. I love it. I too was worried about my wedding pics (size 20 and in late thirties so you will get why I was so concerned) but my photographer did such lovely pics that managed to make me look like a proper bride and also really captured the relationship between me and my husband. Lovely to look back on.
    I love how you look back in this shot. Momentous moment.
    My try is over at http://celebratingmums,

    • I think people look so happy and full of emotion on their wedding day that they look their best if they were wearing a potato sack! Love shows in your face I think!

  2. Truly stunning. x

    • Thank you lovely lady, as were you on your wedding day x

  3. Oh no!!! Can’t belive you lost your photos. You must have been so upset. It’s the problem with digital photos I guess.
    That is such a beautiful photo of you on your wedding day though. You look lovely

    • Just gutted, I sobbed every night for about three weeks! I just couldn’t pull myself together!

  4. what a beautiful wedding photo you look lovely 😀

  5. Oh you look gorgeous behind that veil! stunning

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