Review: Lucas’ Papaw

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I have to share this with you, it’s the new wonder cream.  More of a balm actually but wonder stuff none the less. It’s called Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

I came across it in Marie Claire I think it was; dubbed a favourite of the stars so I had to try it too – I’m a sucker for these things – especially if they have an unusual name.

The little red tube hails from Australia and is a petroleum jelly based ointment.  It’s great for anything from burns and boils to scars and scalds.

I hope this is common amongst mothers -you tell me – since becoming a parent my feet have become a total wreck.  I’ll spare you the cracked and crevicey details but they are a total right off.  My husband sometimes asks if I’ve got socks on when I haven’t it’s that bad.

I’ve scrubbed and pumiced, slathered and soothed but no improvement.

The Lucas Papaw balm layered generously onto heels and balls nightly has made a resulted in a huge improvement – I was previously too embarrassed to go even for a Garru Rufa fish pedicure – concerned that the little swimmers would turn the other gill in disgust.

**imagine epiphany type music here** Beeeeehold – my beautiful toes, for they are a sight to be seen.  Bless this miracle cream and its pawpaw content, rich in vitamins and minerals for you have repaired the unrepairable and I now don my strappy sandals with pride.

If you haven’t been infected by my enthusiasm yet then let me spell it out – THIS IS WORTH TRYING.

Available from The PawPaw Shop at a bargain £4.20 for a 25mg tube.  Enjoy.

This is a sponsored post – The PawPaw Shop kindly sent us two tubes to try.  I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to post honest and open reviews.



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