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September 7, 2011 at 8:36 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 8 Comments
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Over the summer, bear has grown out of every single pair of shoes he owns.  We suffered one of those true parenting fail moments when we had his feet measured to be told he was a 7 1/2.  He was wearing a size 6.

So, we went on a shopping spree.  One pair of very cool boots, two pairs of sandals (not for a British September – we are yet to go on our summer break to Cyprus), some ‘poolside’ shoes and some trainers later and he was fully kitted out.

I hadn’t intended to buy five pairs of shoes (and I actually returned a sixth pair), however the summer shoes and trainers were all in the sale.  Well a boy needs choice doesn’t he?!

Two nights ago bear went to bed in his new sandals.  He point-blank refused to remove them.  So, wanting to eat my dinner at a sensible time and not spend half of Dragon’s Den negotiating over whether the sandals went with his check pj’s, off he went to bed; footwear intact.

He’s quite particular about footwear – as well as hats.  Shoes must have straps or buckles – velcro is a favourite.  Hats must be of the straw or flat cap variety.

He’s growing into such a character.  Bloody hell do I love that boy.





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  1. “I hadn’t intended to buy 5 pairs of shoes.” Love it!

    • It was all a bit of a blur…. a shopping haze…I didn’t realise until I got home what I’d done!!

  2. oh I hate it when they ask ‘what size was he last time he was measured’…..I’m afraid to say I lie !

    • I’m going to start doing that! We always get measured at Clark’s but never buy shoes from there, I find them boring for boys!

  3. My boy is also very fond of shoes and also has quite a few pairs. But he still feels very hard done by when he sees his sister’s fabulous sparkly, colourful pairs!

    • I know, girls shoes are so much more exciting aren’t they!

  4. Lucky Bear! He’ll be the most stylish boy on the beach!

    • Although the beach is some distance away unfortunately so maybe the most stylish boy by the pool!

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