I will wee in my pants if I can’t have a babycino

September 20, 2011 at 8:00 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 3 Comments
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Today, babycinos; tomorrow ice cream.

So we’re skitting around town with umpteen jobs to do; it’s 5.17pm and I have 13 minutes left to complete my high street mission – library, opticians, shoe shop and charity bag drop off. We complete our checklist at 5.29pm and I am openly smug. I have a bounce in my step as I start to head for home.

As we approach Costa Coffee (and I should add that we are loyal Coffee Republic goers), my three-year old angel launches himself out of the buggy and announces that if we don’t go in for hot milk, he will do a wee wee in his big boy dinosaur pants.

And I didn’t even flinch, we went straight in, savaged a few ankles through the narrow gaps between tables, choose a seat in the window and promptly ordered not just hot milk, but crisps too. I am a total and utter pushover.

One look into his baby blues; a glance down at his cupped winkie and he’d sealed the deal. He doesn’t throw tantrums, my son, which you may think is a blessing, but he doesn’t have to because he has me just where he wants me. He knows full well that mummy loves to people watch. That mummy could probably do with a diet coke break. And probably that mummy wouldn’t mind putting off bedtime hour and the joys of bathing a soap averse toddler for another half an hour.

He even asked to go to the toilet once we’d stepped over the threshold; safe in the knowledge that I was going to bow to his demands. It made me wonder where one should try and establish the divide of power. Do you give in to bribes when actually you’d quite happily sit and watch the world go by in a coffee-house too? Or should you resolutely say no because the bargain was not struck on your terms?

On returning home we had a swift wish wash, teeth brush, story time (Lauren Child’s Who’s Afraid of the big bad book is brill I should add), and so to bed. I do believe that in the end the favour was repaid. I stop for hot milk and crisps, bear complies with efficient bedtime routine.

Happy bear, happy mummy. Now, surely it’s wine time – Costa should serve spritzers, right?!



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  1. Or at least they should serve a coffee with a big Baileys shot in it !

    • Now there’s a good idea!

  2. Gotta love their little minds and manipulation at such a young age. x

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