We’ve almost cracked potty training!

October 11, 2011 at 7:23 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Huggies Mums | 2 Comments
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Do I dare say it – put it into words?  After 10 nappy free days in Cyprus I think we may have a dry-by-day boy – and also, be most of the way there with overcoming the poo phobia.

With the support of Huggies and the lovely Emma Kenny we have had (no sparing the details I’m afraid) – one potty poo today, two on Sunday and one on Saturday.  When your three-year old has point-blank refused to go anywhere apart from in his nappy to date this is a bloody huge milestone.

And I should add that even when he did eventually go in his nappy it wasn’t before muchos screaming and drama.  You can even watch the poo saga video here.

Bear took part in a potty training day with Huggies where we received lots of great advice from psychologist Emma – she explained that we had to remove the fear of the potty and toilet by de-sensitising him.  She also said that it’s fine to offer incentives including sweets if it helps them to overcome a fear.  I admit I was dubious about sweets, wondering if he’d demand them for every toilet visit but he sees them as a treat and this is the only time he gets them.  As he becomes more ‘regular’ we’ll phase them out and introduce stickers again.

It’s taken months and months, but finally I we’re almost there.  We also received a Pourty Potty which has been great – we don’t have a downstairs bathroom at the moment so we’ve used the potty a lot – being able to ‘dispose’ of the contents afterwards easily is a bonus for sure!

My top three tips for potty training (especially boys) would be:

1. Don’t do it when your friends train their children; especially if they are girls.  Do it when your child indicates that they are ready (telling you they need a wee for example).

2. Do not force your child to sit on the toilet or potty even if they are desperate for the toilet.

3. Tell your child that you love them and that they are safe over and over again if they are scared of going to the toilet.  Do not ignore them if they say they need to go but won’t go.  Reassure them over and over again. Thanks Emma Kenny for this tip!

We were lucky enough to be a part of the Huggies potty training day with transport costs covered.  We were not paid to take part.  Our Pourty Potty was given to us to review.  I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only post honest reviews.



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  1. Way to go bear. We are half were there. x

  2. […] We have fond memories of Huggies, especially as I was a Huggies Mum and they helped us to potty train Bear. […]

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