A blog post about…not writing a blog post

October 19, 2011 at 10:18 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 2 Comments
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So I’ve hit an all time low – this is a post about not wanting to write a post.

It’s only been four days but for some reason blogging has been playing heavily on my mind since the weekend.  Maybe it’s because we’ve just had our summer holiday in Cyprus and a pretty wonderful three days in Devon and my priorities have been different.  Blogging has seemed of insignificant importance and a sudden wave of fear came over me that I was falling out of love with my blog….it couldn’t be, could it?

Three days basking in the October sunshine lying in the sand dunes.  Three days being called madam by young twinkly eyed waiters.  Three days waking up in the crispest white sheets with a view across a long sandy beach complete with rock pools and surf dudes.

That’s why I haven’t really felt inclined to blog this week.

As I continued to ponder the fate of my blog this evening whilst sprinkling excessive amounts of tarragon onto chicken thighs absent-mindedly, I wondered when the love would return.  And during the course of this evening I think I may have stumbled upon the answer.  It came in a flash during an episode of Spooks.  Nothing like a bit of conspiracy to get the mind whirring.

So, my conclusion is this.  Sometimes life is just more important.  And sometimes there isn’t anything particular in life that you care to divulge to the rest of the internet occupying human race.

I am perfectly sure that every other blogger who has nurtured and grown their own little piece of cyberspace has written a post similar to this.  So I don’t claim to be breaking ground here, simply justifying to myself why it’s ok not to blog to schedule – a certain amount of times per week, to reach certain visitor stats or comment figures.

And I’ve done it in the only way I know how – by writing a blog post about it.


Oh god…. actually I’ve just realised something – I’ve stopped drinking – maybe that’s what’s done it?! Quick someone get me a glass of red.



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  1. Your blogging Mojo will come back. I haven’t reached the don’t know what to blog about part yet, but I just don’t have enough hours in the day. xx

  2. *hugs* we’ve all been there hun! I think pushing it and constantly thinking about it is the worst thing you can do, you just have to leave it, take some time out and when you feel the urge to blog, then come back to it. We’ll still be here!

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