My five most memorable dreams

October 28, 2011 at 8:20 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 1 Comment
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I’m one of those people who dreams every night – and recalls every tiny detail of those vivid encounters of the light-sleep-induced kind.

These are the five that have stayed with me. Some are recurring. Some are not nice dreams; but then we remember the bad more than the good don’t we – that was a design flaw – God (or which ever creator of all things we should so choose); you Div.

1. The dream people. They used to come in through the back gate of the house we lived in when I was about five. They used to party in the light of the moon and drive their little cars around on the grass. They were noisy and obnoxious and uninvited as far as I was concerned. I imagined that my mum would be very cross if she caught them. She never did. This was a recurring dream.

2. Deciding on a whim to leave my boyfriend and seeing him with his new girlfriend. In real life, this man is my husband now. But I frequently had dreams before we married that I’d decided to leave him for someone else. Then I’d bump into him in the supermarket and wonder what the hell I’d done. I would wake up in a cold sweat and be so incredibly grateful that it was a dream and that I hadn’t made such a monumental mistake.

3. Sleeping naked in public places. I’ve had numerous dreams about being at parties in clothes that just fall open when you lie down to rest your eyes. I swear I am not an exhibitionist. Ok not too much. There would always be a mattress in the middle of the party and I’d just nod off there, imagining that I looked beautiful and serene but actually a nipple had wandered out and I was being ridiculed while I snoozed.

4. I recently dreamt that Barak Obama bought me a Diet Coke in a cafe. We were sitting together at a table outside, chatting away. We were best buds. It was a short dream, sadly I didn’t stay asleep long enough to find out what happened next. Do you ever get that when you wake up desperate for the toilet and try to go back to a dream again – I think I succeeded once.

5. One of my favourite dreams was about Mark Owen. It was around the time that Babe was released and I dreamt that he was really sick; lying in bed in his tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere. I trekked over miles of frozen fields to get to him with the song playing in the background. It was like a movie. It reminded me of the Cruise/Kidman film Far & Away; so totally romantic. I felt like Mark and I were meant to be after that.

It’s funny what your brain is capable of doing while you sleep. I only wish my imagination would extend to creating the next social networking phenomenon during the hours of slumber.

Oh and of course, I have those ‘escaping’ dreams where it feels like you’re running in glue; especially if you have stairs to tackle.

And once I passed this girl on an escalator wearing the most beautiful pale pink leather gloves bearing an embossed name of Bartle Bodem and Blythe. One day I shall make my millions from these beautiful gloves.


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  1. Love these dreams, it’s so funny what we dream about. The Barak Obama was my favourite, you and he best buds x

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