Give me a mummy’s boy any day

November 8, 2011 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 2 Comments
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My husband is a real charmer when it comes to his mum, and he could do no wrong. And not just with his own mum, with my mum too. I am married to a total softy, through and through.

But I’m not complaining; we’ve all kissed our fair share of frogs to find our loyal and adoring prince. First there was the early teen, totally inappropriate boyfriend that your dad threatened to leave the country over unless you regained your decorum and ditched him. That was followed by the late teen wild child fling with a naughty boy who got all of your friends in a frenzy of gossip over his laddish yet totally seductive manner. Then finally, in the mid to late twenties came the sensible nice boy who hugs his mum affectionately – in public.

I don’t mean the type of mummy’s boy that can’t make a decision by himself, without his mum giving her beaky seal of approval. I mean the type of chap who wants to make sure his mum has everything she needs, remembers her birthday and calls when he says his will. Maybe because it’s one less wifely role for me to adopt, but mainly because a man that has been brought up well by his mum is always going to do well by his wife too.

It’s like this you see; a mother alerts his son of certain important duties he will need to adhere to during his life, and the boys of the mummy’s boy variety will be far more likely to buy you flowers when they should do – unprompted. Ok maybe a nudge from their mum, but not from you which is the most important thing.

“Do you think bear knows how much I love him?” my husband says to me one evening at the dinner table.

“Of course I reply supportively; you tell him every day” wondering how deep this concern growing in my husband’s mind is going to run.

“Do you think he likes me?” he continues. I wonder whether he seriously doubts that his own son likes him or he’s just looking for a bit of a big-me-up.

I go for “Definitely babe, he thinks you’re hilarious” and I wonder if the choice of the word ‘hilarious’ comes across as intended in that he’s like a one man walking kids entertainment factory. In a good way.

“Do you think he likes me as much as he like you?”

“No” I reply. A little too abruptly.

“Oh god really why?!” my husband whimpers.

“Because just like you, he’s a mummy’s boy” I say affectionately.



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  1. Ah, what a lovely conversation to have xx

  2. Lovely post x

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