The secret to a long and happy marriage

November 14, 2011 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 2 Comments
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In my real-world PR day job, we managed the official launch of a florists shop on Friday; they’re a gorgeous company who do lots of prestigious events including Chelsea and Ascot as well as weddings and flower arranging courses.

As part of our PR campaign we launched a search to find a couple celebrating their diamond or golden wedding anniversary during the launch week.  We came up trumps when we found a platinum couple with the help of a local newspaper.  70 years of wedded bliss.

The couple, both in their nineties, were chauffeured in a classic Bentley to the shop to enjoy champagne and canapes, cut the ribbon and say a few words.

When asked by the shop owner what their secret was, the husband answered ‘it’s easy’ – warming the hearts of every single person in the room.  He followed this by saying ‘you’ve just got to pick a good ‘un’ at which point my professional PR person composure went out the window and I wiped away a tear.

So for some people, like our lovely couple, it does appear to be easy.  They spent their honeymoon in London at a nice hotel during the second world war – it was bombed while they were there – they refused to leave.  ‘Well, we only had seven days away’ said the wife.

It’s not always easy.  For me the things that seem important are being able to make each other laugh.  Pretty much every night before bed (don’t worry this is all very innocent), I look to my husband when we’re sitting on the sofa and say ‘baaaaaabe…’ with my prettiest puppy dog eyes, to which he replies ‘no I am not carrying you up to bed’.  I laugh hysterically, beg, plead and whine to get my way.  It never works, even when I offer to curl up really small in a ball and think skinny thoughts.  But we both go to bed with a smile.

Other days, he drives be absolutely potty, leaving the butter knife on the side, stubble in the sink and a wet towel on the bed.  But some things are worth letting go aren’t they.  To which my husband chuntered ‘you blooming hyprocrit’ when I divulged this closing line to my post.  Maybe another important quality is to be able to see your own faults too.



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  1. How beautiful and sweet x

  2. Awwww how romantic! Best get looking for my good’un then!

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