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November 30, 2011 at 9:03 am | Posted in The Gallery | 10 Comments
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I really like being in the kitchen.  Especially if there isn’t a three year old trying to pull my trousers down or negotiate his way up into the treat cupboard.  Likewise for my husband – not for trying to pull my trousers down but for peering over my shoulder to see what’s cooking.

I like my hour in the kitchen from 6-7pm with a recipe book when husband is home early enough to do the bath, book and bed routine.  I profess this on regular occasions which husband takes to mean that he needn’t ever cook.  I suppose I’ve only got myself to blame for that.

We bought the house on the condition that we could knock the kitchen wall through to the lounge/dining room to make it open plan.  We took a huge section out giving a big hatch and breakfast bar space, meaning I can cook and still chat to friends at the dinner table, see bear playing or curse at the mess in the remainder of the house whilst I stir the dinner.

This is my entry for The Gallery.  I’ve had an awful attendance rate recently, so it’s good to be back.  Do go and nosey at other people’s culinary spaces.



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  1. i spy Delia’s Complete Cookery Course on your shelves. i have this too … it’s been my kitchen bible for YEARS. x

    • It’s a staple isn’t it, great for things like chilli!

  2. What a lovely Kitchen no wonder you enjoy it 🙂

  3. what a lovely neat kitchen, I love your handy little shelves – the one on the window ledge & the one with the spices – where did you get those from, ingenious space saving ideas!

    • The window sill ones are from good old ikea, we have them in the larder cupboard too. And I think the spice one was from habitat, those were the days!

      • thanks, I’ll have a look out in Ikea….oh Habitat how I used to love you – I still have my extra tall spaghetti jar on display in my kitchen from there, I think they only have a store in London now ;-(

  4. Dare I ask why your 3 year old would be pulling your trousers down? Anyway, the treat cupboard. The bloody treat cupboard. That is all!

    • Ha ha, don’t all three year olds do that when they want something?! Hanging off your legs saying ‘mummy mummy mummy I don’t want my tea I want chocolate – where’s my trick or treat basket gone?!’

  5. Gorgeous kitchen. I love all your knick-knacks and the spice rack is fab.

  6. what a gorgeous kitchen! I really enjoy cooking too actually, but yes, you only have yourself to blame for being chief chef now 😛

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