My son is ‘very Shoreditch’, should I be excited?

December 5, 2011 at 8:30 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 8 Comments
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Bear and I put our Monday best on at the crack of dawn this morning to do a pre schoolwork photo shoot for a newspaper article about secondary infertility.  It’s due out sometime later this week and is a look at what support is/isn’t available for those who can’t conceive a second child and what effect the general perception of it has on women facing the situation.

A lovely make up artist arrived at 8am to make me look pretty – she herself was stunning, bare-faced and casual in skinny jeans, some very cool criss-crossy trainers and a jumper with little horses galloping across it.  I’ve been scouring the internet for said jumper.  So far no joy but Santa, if you’re reading this having perused my Christmas list, I would love one.

Anyway, bear was in what I would have described as a ‘look at me I’m a good boy’ outfit which consists of his Baby K yellow skinny jeans, a white t-shirt with cream and orange Pringle tank top with his summer Tom’s over his neon pink stripey socks.  A bit of a concoction, but that’s what you get on the Monday morning after a weekend away before a wash has gone on.

When asked his name he did me proud and replied ‘Noah William The Best Champion’ which seems to be the standard response these days.  I long for the day when he gets lost in a Supermarket and I’m tannoyed with ‘will the parent of Noah William The Best Champion please come to customer service where your son is waiting for you in his banana yellow jeans – and Ray Bans’.  Because of course by then he’ll be modelling and will need shades during the day time.  If he’s in the mood he sometimes adds ‘in the world’ after ‘best champion’.

Anyway, the photographer arrived and knew the make up artist well.  Queue double cheek kissing and catching up about sister who worked for Chanel and is now sofa-hopping around LA and friend of photographer who is Tom Hardy who played the lead in Bronson and The Ultimate Fighter.

My concentration drifted in and out of their exchange but my ears pricked up when they started commenting on my son’s dress sense – ‘very Shoreditch’ they remarked.  ‘Yes very’.  I didn’t get involved; unsure of the positive or negative connotations – however I assume this is a good thing?  Isn’t it?

I decided in my old, washed up house wife role that I was far too much of an out of the loop country girl to comment on such a statement.

My husband informs me that pre him and I, he had a few exciting nights out in Shoreditch watching semi-naked ladies gyrating.  My cousin has a very promising smoked salmon stall with a bang on trend pitch named after the East London hotspot.  And this is as far as my knowledge goes.

A similar outfit from another day…

A quick Google search provided me with numerous bar and restaurant listings, some odd looking hair styles and a chap with his head in his hands after a night on the tiles.

So I’m really none the wiser. Could a Londoner or general person in the know enlighten me.  Please.  I like the sound of being ‘very Shoreditch’ and maybe it requires mother of ‘very Shoreditch’ boy to adopt a new wardrobe too.  Any excuse.



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  1. He looks gorgeous and I love the jeans, must fin some for the boys now

    • The Baby K range by Mylene Klass at Mothercare is gorgeous, their boys stuff is very cool!

  2. He is so adorable. Love the outfit. x

  3. They certainly meant it as a compliment. Shoreditch is the new Soho full of design agencies, photographers and other exciting startups. Hipster crowd.

    And lots of skinny jeans! 🙂

    • Well blow me down with a bovver-boot – what a nice surprise – my three year old is an up and coming hipster! I won’t tell him just yet, he’ll be having theatrical strops when he can’t find his hair gel!

  4. I fear ‘very Shoreditch’ may be some kind of rhyming slang. Sadly I can only think of one word that rhymes with ditch, so maybe we should just agree it was a fashionista compliment?

    Family stories, past and present at

    • Crikey….am going to ignore that option – I can think of three that rhyme off the top of my head but none that two (hopefully) professional people would use to describe a three year old in front of him and his (obsessively protective ) mother!

  5. I know nothing about what it means, but he looks super cute!

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