Best children’s books to buy for Christmas

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Children's Books

We’ve read to bear since he was three weeks old – it’s the one thing I haven’t failed at as a parent (yet) – two stories every night before bed more often than not.

These are some of our favourites and make perfect Christmas gifts.

1.Lost and Found Pop Up Edition by Oliver Jeffers – this book is just magical, very, very special.  The carboard technology used for the pops ups is amazing.  The story is simple and heart warming.  You need this book on your shelf! From £8.99 on Amazon.

2. Big Book of my World by Kali Stileman – from the author of Peely Wally, more gorgeous illustrations – this one is perfect for taking out to the pub for lunch to provide entertainment at the table.  Loads to do, packed with activities.  From £5.79 on Amazon.

3. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendack – one of my favourites as a child – a very Narnia type tale of amazing lands full of monsters beyond the bedroom walls.  Makes you want to go out and explore the world.  From £3.89 on Amazon.

4. The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson – I expect this to be a favourite in our house for many years to come.  A lovely, inspiring story which is fun for mum to read too (which is always a bonus!).  From £4.12 on Amazon.

5. The Hairy Book by Babette Cole – a gift from the inlaw – perfect for little boys who like gross things – fleas, bogies, toilets, you name it.  From the same author as ‘The Trouble with Mum’.  From £1.90 on Amazon.

6. Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson – the current favourite in our house, beautifully illustrated and a very nice moral to the tale!  From £4.12

7. Scaredy Mouse – great for age three when children can fill in the words at the end of each sentence.  Based on traditional repitition of a situation with a happy ending!  From £4.99 on Amazon.

8. Dear Santa by Rod Campbell – from the creators of Dear Zoo.  Simply but classic and perfect for the festive season. From £3 on Amazon.

We were sent Lost & Found and Big Book of my World through the post.  I am unsure where the first arrived from but the second was courtesy of Random House.  Both are included here because they deserve to be.  I stick to the Bloggers with Integrity code to post honest and open reviews. 



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  1. Lost & Found is our favourite book right now. Sam asks for the ‘pengin’ book at least 3 times a day everyday! I buy him 5 books at Christmas & birthdays & this year I’ve gone mad on Julia Donaldson books. We already have most of hers but now he’s getting Tyrannasaurus Drip (agree it’s lovely!) The Snail & the whale (fab too!) plus a few older ones. Sam loves Monkey Puzzle too so if you haven’t got that I’d highly recommend it! I do love books.

    • Oh yes we like Monkey Puzzle too! Bear calls Lost and Found the iceberg book!

  2. Can’t beat a bit of Gruffalo!!!!

    • Especially if Daddy can do different voices for each character!

  3. We love Dear Santa. Snail on a whale is my boys least favourite Julia Donaldson book, they love Stickman it’s great. Good choice of books. x

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