No bake fish pie recipe

January 6, 2012 at 5:14 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Foodie Stuff | 2 Comments

Our oven is on the blink at the moment so we’re cooking on the hob alone.

After a glut of meat over Christmas, we had fish pie for dinner last night and the improvised recipe went down so well, it’s only right to share it.


1 onion

2 packs of smoked fish – we had coley and haddock

1 pack of cooked king prawns

Potatoes – sweet (1) and normal (3)

Squash (half)

Spinach (large frozen pellet)

Sweetcorn (1 cup)

Wholegrain mustard (two tablespoons)

Milk, butter, flour, parsley (for white sauce)


Salt and pepper


Simply adjust the ingredients for the number you are cooking for – this would serve around three people with generous portions.

Make up a white sauce first and set aside.

Brown an onion and add the smoked fish until nearly cooked.

Boil the potatoes and squash while the fish is cooking.  Mash with milk, butter and salt.

Add the mustard, garlic and pepper to the fish.

Add the prawns and sweetcorn and cook for a few minutes longer.

Add the white sauce.

Serve the fish onto plates.

Pipe the mash onto the fish stew for added brownie points.



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  1. this is a handy recipy as my oven packed up and i need some ideas until its fixed. might try this. is there a fat free version?

    • Hello! I think if you wanted fat free you’d have to leave out the white sauce, but it could be a bit dry so make it with low fat spread and skimmed milk and just add a little sauce. Hope that helps!

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