Review: Jabra Drive hands free car kit

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Like many people, I’m never far from my iPhone – whether it’s work calls, Twitter, blogging on the go or checking train times.  I’ve never had a decent in-car kit so when we were offered the chance to try the new Jabra Drive I jumped at the chance.  I regularly had to pull over to make or take calls – yes it’s the exception to the rule but being able to phone ahead if you’re running late makes getting from A to B far less stressful if you don’t have to find somewhere to stop.

Like many of my gadget reviews begin – I hate reading instructions.  So I read the back of the box, figure out what I can and take it from there – I have no interest in unfolding a world map size leaflet with point size 4 print and trying to figure out how to make something work.

So luckily the Jabra Drive is literally just plug and go.  Switch it on, search for bluetooth devices on your phone and it picks it up instantly.  I have mine clipped to the sun visor.  When I first used it I found that the caller at the other end heard quite a lot of vibrations so I really wedged it on tight using the clip on the back which resolved the problem.  Now calls are crystal clear and many people wouldn’t know I’m even in the car.

The thing I like most is that you can switch it on after the phone starts ringing and it clicks in and intercepts the call, meaning you don’t have to remember to switch it on when you get in the car.  I also like that it’s slim enough to flip the visor up and be hidden from view when we’re parked somewhere public.

The commands are spoken voice so when you switch it on a nice lady says ‘connected’.  You also get voice warnings when the battery is low.

Looking at the website, it also transmits music, podcasts and GPS commands.  I haven’t used it for this but it’s worth knowing that you could play music through it; from an iPod I guess (do those have bluetooth?!).

They’re also reduced to £28.77 on Amazon from almost double that so a great price as well.

Finally, I love that when daddy has been away with work, both me and our three-year old can talk to him from the car if he gets a moment free to call us.  Priceless.


We received the Jabra Drive to review.  I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to post honest and open reviews.

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