My name is not Caroline!

January 10, 2012 at 7:56 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 11 Comments
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I am quite sure that I am the only person who has spent her adult life being called Caroline by new acquaintances.

I wouldn’t mind so much, except my name is Catherine.

It always has been.  I’m Cat to some of my friends, Catherine at work.  I was Caz for a while at school, as well as Titch.  Toots to my dad.  I debated being cool and being a Cate and have never been a Cath or a Cathy – whatever the guy at the beauty salon insists upon.

Last time I was in SpecSavers the assistant fitting my frames was a Catherine.  I guffawed, trying to make witty conversation when I saw her name badge and said ‘huh, I bet you get called Caroline all the time?!’.  Quiet pause followed by ‘Um no, not really’.  Just me then.

But I’d say 9 out of 10 times I meet someone new, before the conversation concludes I hear a little apologetic voice saying ‘It was Caroline, wasn’t it?’.  Occasionally it’s Christine or Charlotte but more often than not it’s Caroline.

I have absolutely nothing against the name.  It’s a very nice name.  But it’s not my name.  I wonder what it is about Catherine that’s so un-memorable?  Maybe it’s me that’s not memorable….I should work on that.

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  1. Oh Caroline…I mean Catherine, I totally know how you feel! I’m constantly called Laura. Was never a problem until I left school and then bam! everyone seemed/seems to think my name is Laura. Occassionally Leanne or Lorraine but majority of the time Laura.
    Even my neighbours who have received christmas cards with my name on it.
    It’s not even like our names are unusual either…then I may understand it.

    • I think we need to start a club!

  2. I sympathise. For some completely bizarre reason, when people I’ve just met forget my name they call me Natalie. How you get to Natalie from Vanessa I’ll never know!

  3. Completely sympathise. My name is Rachel andI was often called Rebecca or Raquel!! I mean Racquek for goodness sake…do people even name their kids that?!?

    Is it seriously that hard to get someone’s name right???

    • Seems it’s more common that I thought – quite pleased to know it’s not just me!

  4. I sympathise I get called Sue a lot by English people on the phone but that’s not my name. It is closer than Caroline from Catherine. That’s just silly. x

  5. oooo im afraid i am one of the guilty culprits and called you Caroline quietly on our second meeting – didnt think you noticed though! sorry!

    • Ha ha I didn’t notice and don’t worry it’s not personal!!

  6. awww I think you’re very memorable! And if it makes you feel any better my mum’s friends who have known me since I was a bump call me “Libby” not “Livi” no matter how many times I tell them, or we sign cards properly, etc, etc! Some people are ignorant!

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