What do you wear to bed?

January 20, 2012 at 9:07 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 7 Comments
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Who invested in a fleecy pair of snowflake adorned pyjamas from Primark this Christmas?

Well I did, along with a pair of red and white striped socks just to complete the look.

Festive?  Yes.  Fetching?  Maybe not.

Call me a Southern Softy if you will but I adore my pyjamas.  I love nothing better than being wrapped up head to toe in fleece or flannel and getting into a comfy bed.

The person that doesn’t quite appreciate my love of such creature comforts as much is my husband.

We’ve never actually had that ‘I wish you wore something more sexy in bed’ conversation.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

It’s just like an unspoken tolerance.  Well, almost – bar the odd raised eyebrow and ‘warm enough in there are we?’ comment.

It’s not as though I have loads of faults.  And he ALWAYS leaves the microwave open, wet towels on the bed AND he eats far too much so we’re kind of even.

Actually I’m pretty sure that my bedtime attire is pretty much my only fault…..

So, what do you wear to bed?  Have you been married for years yet still make an effort?  Or maybe you’re still in the honeymoon period but you’ve already laid down the law and made it clear that it’s full length PJ’s from here on in.

Teddy bears – that’s where I draw the line.

No explicit details required thank you.


Image courtesy of Todd Ehlers on Flickr Creative Commons.


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  1. i don’t wear nowt. well, strictly speaking, i didn’t wear owt until this winter.. in the last couple of months, i’ve been know to wear more to bed than i did during the day. AND i’m the proud owner of a pair of pink, fleecy, snowflake PJs. i think maybe i’m getting old…. *sigh*

    • I think I’ve been getting old since I was in my twenties!

  2. I can’t wear anything warm as I hate being too warm at night. I wear pj’s nothing fancy x

    • I’m the opposite, even in the height of summer I can’t so much as have a toe out of the duvet!

  3. I am also a PJs girl. My husband used to call one particular pair ‘the Sack of Doom’ because he found it so unattractive…!

  4. I wear PJs! The only time you’ll get me in sexy undies is for pre-scheduled sex!

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