Choosing an image that symbolises 2012

January 24, 2012 at 7:38 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 10 Comments
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This is a bit like those mood board and mind map type posts, and it’s one that I’ve had in my stash of ideas for a while – that long that it was originally titled ‘choosing an image that symbolises 2010’.

So if you could choose one image or icon that sums up the way you want the year ahead to pan out, what would it be?  Could you wrap everything up into just one picture?

I’ve opted for this.  I’m sure it can be interpreted in different ways but this year I might step out with a few ruffled feathers but I’m going to be sticking my neck out a bit and spreading my wings.  Quite possibly a few bumpy landings in store, but there are bigger fish out to be had and I want one.  Please.

I don’t have a swishy linky function, but if you like the idea of joining in, do post a blog and leave a comment with your link.



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  1. What a great image x

  2. Nice idea – I shall be back to join in in a few days time!

  3. Ok, here you go!

  4. […] This one’s just for you BabyGenie. […]

  5. Here’s my Symbolising 2012 post:
    Thanks to Helen of a href=””>Save Every Step< for letting me know about this.

  6. Oops, something went wrong in my comment – that should be thanks to Helen of Save Every Step:

  7. I really like this and looking at that photo I can exactly see how you mean it to mean 😀 If I make any sense? Which I dont usually! Will totally be joining in once I find the perfect piccy! 🙂

  8. What a great idea! and brilliant photo. xx

  9. Very interesting. I don’t think I could sum it up in 1 photo!!! I struggle to pick 1 each day!!!

    • An image a day, now there’s a challenge!

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