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January 31, 2012 at 11:06 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 3 Comments
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I just finished emailing a journalist who was asking for information on ways women can meet new friends and I talked to her about the way blogging has introduced me to people who I have gone on to class as true friends – people I tweet with, Facebook and Skype with, but more importantly talk on the phone with and arrange to meet in person regularly.

From starting Baby Genie in 2009 as a way to share details of products I liked, parenting tricks I’d learnt and places worth visiting, it’s turned into a whole lot more.  I don’t like the word therapy because part of me thinks that if there’s truly something up then you should go home to your mum for advice, but it many respects a blog, as well as other social media tools are a way to reach out.

I swear I’m getting to the point.

The other aspect of blogging that I hadn’t considered was paid for writing work.  I guest blog for a number of sites including Boden and Style Nest and I enjoy that role.  I’m paid in different ways – some cash, some vouchers, some not at all but I enjoy the involvement with the brands.

I’ve also attended events, given ‘expert’ opinions, taken part in documentaries and been interviewed for TV and radio.  I make it sound like a one-woman and baby media machine.  Far from it, this remains a hobby, but that leads me to my next point – where do you draw the line?

It’s important to weigh up the benefits – will this lead to a bigger, more exciting opportunity if I take part?  Will it send thousands more readers my way?  If it will, are those readers going to be interested in what I have to say?

And above all, should I just ask for some money?  Many brands will cover expenses incurred when taking part in an event, but if it’s an event where you’re going to be grilled on your blogging philosophy as well as presented at on what said brand has lined up for the year ahead, should you be rewarded for your input and time?

Other brands offer goody bags and freebies, sometimes to review, sometimes just as a thank you, which could be considered as payment.  I believe that in the US bloggers have to declare such gifts and pay tax on them.  Or pay for them – 1 cent or so…

Do we get a little too used to received goodies in the post.  So much so that it becomes a little dare I say it, overrated….?

The point of this post is, how thinly would you or have you spread yourself before saying ‘do you know what, my time is worth more than that, get your cheque book out’?

I really love to write, and as long as I enjoy writing I shall continue to pour out stuff and nonsense via my blog.  I have a feeling the ‘parent blogger’ community will evolve and transition hugely this year.  I also have a feeling that there will become a clearer divide between the writers and the reviewers.

Time is precious, how much of it do people deserve of it for free?



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  1. Blogging certainly is a way to interact with other like minded adults, specially as a parent stuck indoors a lot of the time, to me it was a little window into the outside world, but I got burn out, it all got too much for me personally, as I was/am struggling with my everyday life to life, but I am looking forward to going back to blogging, but to me it will be for me, not for the freebies, not for others, not for financial gain, but to use it as a portal to express freely my feelings and thoughts and to interact with friends old and new.
    Good luck to those that go on to make something more from it, but I for one, must do it for the love of doing it, time is precious and yet far too things in this life are free anymore, so each to there own and I for one applaud those that are entertaining, well written and full of compassion love and feelings, that can actually combine factors, blogging, sharing with friends or friends of the future and along the way, gain financially too x
    Great post, Sadie x

  2. I haven’t really made any money from my blog. I have reviewed products, but mainly I blog because I enjoy it. x

  3. oooh interesting post. I do do sponsored posts and I enjoy writing them but I wouldn’t do them for free. I need the cash, they need the exposure, it’s only fair we both get something from it.

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