I’ve just eaten dinner, and now I’m scoffing Chipsticks…

February 9, 2012 at 8:51 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 5 Comments
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Husband and I sat down about 45 minutes ago and had dinner – a bit of a random combination, but lovely no less.  King prawns with chilli to start, followed by spaghetti carbonara.

Now, having barely digested the final mouthful, I am tucking into a packet of salt and vinegar chipsticks.  On this particular occasion, it’s a 39p single bag from the off license.  I stopped purposefully on my way home, having had one of those days.  I knew nothing else would suffice.

It’s called comfort eating.  I’m not hungry, but my body is craving junk food.  And red wine, but that kind of goes without say.

I felt better after just one crisp.  The stresses of the day seeming to shrink away from my tense forehead, out of my shoulders, down and away from my braced legs.  Why is it that we have such an emotional attachment to food?

Quite often I buy the jumbo bags of chipsticks.  I even know which supermarkets have the best ones.  Tesco are amazing, Waitrose a little disappointing, Budgens great for a quick fix and Sainsbury’s ok every now and again.

Most of the time I eat quite heathily, but I’ll have a few days every now and again (ok maybe once a month) when I totally go to town and ditch my soup lunch for a McDonalds, my fruit snack for a Double Decker, and gorge on crisps after dinner.

Maybe I can blame it on the ‘cold snap’ – stocking up my reserves in case of total white out in these sub-zero temperatures.

Surely I’m not alone in my after dinner snacking habits??!


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  1. I have days like this, sometimes you need a bit of comfort food.

  2. Before dinner, after dinner, all the rest of the day….

    I’m a big one for comfort eating once a month!

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