Kicking the diet coke habit

February 18, 2012 at 4:21 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 1 Comment
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I’ve spent a lot of today going to the loo.  And when you’ve had children, sometimes you don’t have very long to get there, if you catch my drift.

And I think it’s because I’ve had a fair few glasses of totally satisfying but terribly bad for you on all counts, Diet Coke.   It’s a diuretic, am I right?

Apart from red wine it’s my biggest vice.  I’ve always loved it.  No other fizzy drinks interest me*, only Diet Coke.  It’s naughtily addictive.

When I first became pregnant over five years ago, I was so desperate to have children and a happy, healthy pregnancy that I cut out caffeine and moved onto decaf tea.  At home I still have decaf but I don’t worry if I’m elsewhere.  Sometimes I’ll have caffeine free Diet Coke too, but you can’t always get your hands on it.

I don’t miss the caffeine or crave the buzz, but I do crave the fizziness.  But I’ve started to realise that it makes you need to pee more than any other drink.  Which is a real inconvenience when you have a four year old and a new born.

I probably have one can/bottle on most days so not a lot but it’s having its consequences.  I dread the dentist, yet each visit so far I’ve escaped without needing a filling.  I fear it may only be a matter of time.

So, my question is this – have you managed to kick the habit and if so how?  Any similar experiences, tips or ‘you boring fart have you nothing else to ponder’ type comments all welcome….ish.

*Except for one occasion the last time I was pregnant when I set a new world record for downing two cans of Tango at an incredible speed.

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