How would a three year old run my business?

March 18, 2012 at 9:57 am | Posted in Daily Life, Work & Life | 1 Comment
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A few months ago I listened to a talk by Paul Lindley, the MD and founder of Ella’s Kitchen.  He’s a brilliant speaker; utterly inspiring and very down to earth.  He talked a lot about his family’s support and of course how his daughter Ella helped to shape the business – initially without knowing it as a baby wanting something tasty to eat, but as she’s grown up she’s still influencing his decisions.

I’ve recently had to write a new business plan, with the expansion of my little PR agency to a bigger enterprise – all with the dream of having a little empire one day – the sort of empire where you’re the company who people say ‘you just have to work with them’ about and everyone is a geek of sheer excellence in their particular area of expertise, loves what they do with unbreakable passion, works hard but always smiles.  And it all began with a little white office.

So after that Ella’s Kitchen talk it got me thinking about the influence of children on our businesses and that for a working mother a business plan has got to include a bit of a life plan too.  So I decided to build in a section titled ‘how would a three year old run my business’.

I started by asking my son what makes him happy.  To which I expected an answer such as ‘chips’ or maybe ‘Ben 10’‘my bunny’ or even ‘football’.   He looked up at me and simply answered ‘you do Mummy’.  At which point I cried, obviously.

That comment made me realise that it’s people that make other people happy.  I totally anticipated a material answer but from the simple thinking of a child, people come first.

So this is what I included in that new section of my business plan, and this is how I shall ensure I build my empire.

How would a three year old run my business?

Provide an inspiring environment to work in that’s safe and has a snack cupboard

Make time for fun, laughter and telling of funny stories – everyone must sit down and listen intently

Take a spontaneous approach to any free time and get lots of fresh air

Have the confidence to jump in with both feet if the urge takes you.  If your socks get wet, put them on the radiator.

Brave the cold, it’s worth it.

Be willing to save a little for later.  You might well be peckish in a while.

Let’s see in a years time how we’re doing…

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  1. I’m interested to see how this pans out x

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