Madagascar Live at Chessington World of Adventures

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Yesterday Bear was lucky enough to take his best girlfriend along to the premier of Madagascar Live, the new stage show of the DreamWorks Animation at Chessington World of Adventures – so us mums tagged along too for an afternoon out.  I’m not sure who enjoyed themselves more – especially finding very summery and subtly alcoholic enough cocktails being handed out on arrival.

You can see the Madagascar Live show at the park with numerous showings during the day when you book Chessington tickets – an adult day ticket costs £39.60 and a child under 12 is £28.80.  You can upgrade to a two-day ticket for £9.60 per person.  This was based on a Saturday price this month.  For about £40 more than tickets for a family of four, you can stay at the safari themed Holiday Inn Park Hotel (£215 for one night with two children age 3-11).  There are also second day free and kids go free offers available.

We were greeted by explorer extraordinaire Sir Arthur and taken to the fantastic outdoor theatre in the heart of the Africa which is also new for 2012.  The stage show launches as part of the park’s 25th anniversary plans and sees all of our favourite characters including Alex, Gloria, King Julian and The Penguins take to the floor to plan Alex a surprise party.  I didn’t spot Marty the Zebra in the performance – he’s my favourite and Melman the giraffe was maybe too tall, so for me the star of this show was King Julian the self-obsessed ring-tailed lemur.  More importantly, the children loved Alex.

It’s an interactive show, with members of the audience invited onto the stage for a limbo competition, lots of songs to stand up and get involved with and two very jolly jungle-gear sporting compares to get everyone moving.  There are also other sarafi-esque girls dotted around the outdoor theatre dancing and general spreading the buzz.  Katy Hill and her incredibly gorgeous family were in the audience having a good time.

So we had two four years olds who were gripped the entire way through, and when the sky filled with streamers for Alex’s surprise party I think they thought this was the pinnacle of their lives.  When confetti fell at the end of the show, my son’s legs became road runner like as he scrambled in excitement to collect some from the floor.  We also got to meet the cast afterwards and have pictures taken which just added to the big eyes and open mouths we followed around for the day.

The show is perfect for children as young as two right up to, well, adult?  I know we enjoyed it.  If you’ve seen the movies and have a soft spot for the characters then you’ll love every moment of it.

Afterwards we were treated to a short drumming workshop with DrumJam.  Everyone was handed a Boom Whacker of assorted colours and sizes to which we all chipped in accordingly to make an amazing ‘booming’ medley of varying notes.  This went down equally as well as the main show.  We were sitting behind Alison Hammond who has far more rhythm than me and provided a good time keeper that I didn’t really manage to fall in with.

Chessington has nine themed lands, more than any park in Europe, and also has a huge zoo with 1000 animals, as well as a sealife centre.

After the show we were treated to dinner back in the hotel, gorgeous food laid on at the end of a very well-behaved queue of press folk outside the dining hall.  Ok, so we maybe weren’t quite as well-behaved; finding ourselves nearer the front than the back seeing as we weren’t staying overnight at the hotel like the other guests and had quite a drive back to Oxford.  I have to leave you with this picture of one of the fruit trees. Eat your heart out Willy Wonka (there was an incredible chocolate fountain for dipping I should add -which also had honeycomb, marshmallows and even fried eggs!).


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