Review: Touro Mobile Pro Hard Drive by Hitachi

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Last year I had a three-week mini-breakdown.  Endless crying.  Bouts of ‘why me’ and ‘what now’.  All because my external hard drive failed – and it was the home of three years of pictures and videos of us and our son.  £350 later and much had been recovered, but we lost all of our videos from 2010 and hundreds of photos too.  It may sound ridiculous but I felt like I’d never get over it at the time!!!

So I vowed never to let it happen again.  What was recovered is now on a new hard drive and a duplicate copy is now on a second drive, kindly sent to us by Hitachi to review.

I quite like gadgets.  I very much dislike instruction manuals.  So I was pleased to find that with the Touro Mobile Pro I could just plug and go and it’s very straight forward.  Installing the software takes a few minutes and from there you can set it up to automatically back up certain files specified by you when you connect it to your computer.

I did struggle to set up the automatic back up initially; for some reason it only copied a small selection of the files I’d chosen but I got there quite quickly.

It also comes with 3gb of free cloud storage.  I don’t think you can have files backed up in too many places these days – we store so much data that if it’s all in one place, the loss can be heart breaking.  You can upgrade to a premium account to receive 250gb of storage.

The transfer speed was a big bonus for me too – I always seem to end up needing to back up files when I’m in a rush to get out the door, or realise I haven’t done it for weeks just as I’m switching off the computer.  So the fact that it will transfer hundreds of files in minutes is fantastic.

My only comment would be (and it applies to all hard drives of this type), is they should come with a little soft sleeve to keep them even safer.  I’m so paranoid about breaking them that any extra protection would be great.

If you’re not backing up your photos already, you should be.  A mobile hard drive like this is a worthwhile investment and costs around £70 from Amazon for the 500gb version.


This is a sponsored post.  Hitachi kindly sent us the Touro Mobile Pro to review.  I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only post honest and open reviews.


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