I let my son eat dirt

May 17, 2012 at 8:30 am | Posted in Daily Life | 11 Comments
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Our three-year old son is a little adventurer – he has to know to the tiniest detail about the who, why, when, what and how – and that usually involves getting a bit grubby in the process.

He usually has his signature line of black grot under his fingernails and bath time involves a lot of fussing over face wiping.  He’s a typical boy – just how you want it.

But some parents may draw the line in a cleaner spot than I tend to.  Because he drops lollies on the floor and I let him eat them – conditions permitting of course, if it was directly into a cow pat we’d give him another lolly – probably.  But the five second rule definitely applies on the pavement.

If our son sees a school friend in the supermarket, a full on display of affection follows – a swooping hug followed by multiple kisses – on the lips – regardless of whether they’ve just had swine flu, a sickness bug or chicken pox.  He even got a telling off at school for over-zealous hugging and kissing of classmates – I think he may have wrestled one unsuspecting child to the floor. Oh well.

He also likes to lick things. The trolley handlebar goes without say and this habit extends to the car door, tables in cafes, lampposts and a collection of other random and probably germ laden things.  Soft play centres are a haven – the balls in the ball pit being a particular favourite.  Never mind.

At Grandma and Grandad’s house he tries to catch the fish from the pond with his hands – sometimes stopping to inspect his fingers, drawing them closer to his mouth and having a little taste – just to see what it might be like.  He also has a tendency to pick up slugs and snails and other garden pests to inspect, prod and sometimes kiss as well.  Not quite with the same gusto as his love for his school friends.

But actually I think I might let him carry on with his grubby ways because I can count on one hand the number of times he’s got sick – one dose of swine flu and three sickness bugs.  Oh and maybe an ear infection and a chesty cough.

However, no-one can avoid chicken pox for ever – and that’s what we’re contending with today.  Pass the calamine…


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  1. Hope he get’s better soon. Love the post, Buddy licks things too & tries to eat out of cat bowl. Hmm. He pretends to be a dog! Calamine cream is better than lotion we found. Easier to apply!

    • Thanks for the tip invested in some cream! Am grateful we don’t have pets otherwise he’d definitely be in there eating their dinner!

  2. Better now than later! I have to admit, I’m all for letting them revel in the germs when they’re young and strong and healthy. I often forget to ask my boys whether they’ve washed their hands before they bake a cake with me. Oh well!

    • I do that and then present our biscuits to someone and wonder where his hands may have been before!

  3. He sounds like my 3 year old girl. She likes to lick the side of the swimming pool, and has a lovely new habit of finding snails and poking them to watch them jump inside their shell. 🙂

    We are big fans of the 5 second rule too 🙂 I hope he is better soon. Chicken pox sucks. xx

    • I think we’re through the worst! What is it about licking things though?!

  4. Excellent post x

  5. I played with plenty of germy, nasty things as a kid. Funny…I have absolutely NO allergies now as an adult and neither do my 7 siblings. My parents let us use our hands to do everything. I draw the line at letting my own kids eat gum from under public furniture 😉

    I recently blogged on my own run-in with “disgusting.” If you can, take a look. 🙂



    • Sounds like our upbringing, plenty of mud pies and frog kissing!

      • Well, I can’t say I ever kissed any frogs in my childhood–that came later. 😉

      • I kissed a fair few in my teens too!

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