Cybher: The Movie

June 1, 2012 at 8:36 am | Posted in CyberMummy Videos, Cybher | 22 Comments
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Created by popular demand after I made a total fool out of myself last year, it’s back – a total heap of rubbish featuring Power Rangers, Duplo Men and army commandos; enjoy, spot yourself and leave a comment about just how random reinacting a blogger event with plastic toys and an oversized bra fitting tent is.

I give you – Cybher, the movie.


* All actors bear little or no resemblance to their real life counterparts, any similarities are purely coincidental (apart from Mum on the Brink’s pregnant (grape) belly).  Any offence caused by the content of this video is unintentional and complaints should be directed elsewhere.  I was not sponsored to attend Cybher, therefore references to biscuits, boobs, bags and bras are purely my own doing.



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  1. I bloomin’ love it 😀 I’m especially liking that I’m the Mad Hatter.

    • You’ve had a starring role in all three videos I think! Less nudity this time!

      • Less nudity is good. Let’s be honest 😉

  2. Ha ha that’s hilarious! Looks like you did a lot of eating!

    • I did, I lost count at about 12 biscuits, either side of about four huge sandwiches, two apples and numerous other things!


  4. This is BRILLIANT!!! And congratulations! Your depiction of Nickie is spot on!

    • Thank you! And yes, the perfect character hey!

    • I’m sure there’s a compliment in there somewhere.

  5. Brilliant video. Take it you are expecting. How exciting! Congratulations 🙂

    • I am! Thank you, we’re over the moon! x

  6. Love it. I’m Princess Belle x

    • Of course, you’re important! x

  7. bloody hilarious! and good call on Nickie being the Mad Hatter. huge congratulations! xx

    • Conspiracy!!

  8. OMG I have tried to comment three times here. I am rubbish!
    Erm… went something like…
    Love it!
    Am i a cow?!! lol
    Nickie is defo a mad hatter!!
    Love how you even made little bras!!!

    • Ha ha ha, you were a lion cub, because you have amazing hair and eyes!!!!

  9. Love it!! Especially the “THIRTY TWO D??” bit!! And, congratulations! 😉

  10. […] you with a video message to continue with tradition (see previous CyberMummy, the deleted scenesand Cyber videos) and bring you a toy themed greeting in my absence.  Who am I to argue with demand – and […]

  11. Fantastic x

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