Review: Samsung Galaxy SII (and being a Prima Three Mum)

July 5, 2012 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Reviews | 2 Comments
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A few months ago I was pleased to find that I’d won a new smart phone! Perfect timing as my ageing iPhone had a cracked screen and no bluetooth.

The competition came via Prima Baby and Three Mobile and asked you to put forward a dilemma.  You can also find me and my fellow winners blogging on the Baby Expert Forums about our new smart phones.

My dilemma was as follows:

My parenting problem is that there are never enough hours in the day!  I need to somehow find more downtime and space – without going overboard with order, organisation and lists as I’ve spent the past year figuring out how to relax and live without obsessive amounts of to do lists!  And it’s made me a much happier person!

I run my own small but successful PR agency in Oxfordshire and we have a beautiful three year old son called Noah.  We’d desperately love a second child and have been trying for over two years to conceive.  I do wonder if the reason we can’t get pregnant is because there is simply too much going on in our lives at the moment. My husband works long hours, I’m very dedicated to growing my business and our down time is focussed on quality time with our son – so how can we make space for a baby?!

We want to desperately but of course we want to give that child the same love and attention we have with our first.  And we don’t want to compromise what we give to Noah either. What do we do to simplify our lives whilst having demanding jobs, a son and hopefully one day another child – can you really have it all or does something have to go?! Maybe there is a way that technology can help us to be more efficient and give ourselves a few extra nights off!

I’m pleased to report that we’re now expecting our second baby!  Maybe not purely down to owning a new smart phone, but we’re very impressed with the Samsung all the same!

Samsung Galaxy SII Review

The thing I like most about this phone is the great big screen and great display quality – it makes it far easier to use on the go – for email, viewing documents and importantly – social media.

The camera is fantastic and being someone who often forgets to pack the family camera, having a decent phone camera means you never miss those special moments.

I was dubious about the availability of decent apps on an Android phone but I’ve been pleasantly surprised and the Pepperplate app which helps with meal planning and recipe storage has become a firm favourite.

I haven’t noticed it so much yet but the biggest negative reported about this phone is the battery life, but I guess when it does so much, your usage may be higher!  We’ll see.

The phone is fast and responsive which these days comes top of the list when you’re flicking between web browsers, email and social media channels.

Overall this is an impressive smart phone and definitely competitive to the iPhone.


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  1. I absolutely ADORE my Galaxy SII. Like you mention the screen is big – much better than the iPhone and the camera is the best I’ve seen on a phone. I sued to struggle to be organised, but I’ve found several apps that help me in this regard, that old classic Evernote being my favourite as you can sync it to other devices.

    I wouldn’t go back to Blackberry or Apple at this point in time.

    • Might have to revisit Evernote, stopped using it for ages

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