Will you be staying out of London during the Olympics?

July 25, 2012 at 9:42 am | Posted in Daily Life, Days Out | 2 Comments
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I’m debating the point still.  But the overriding advice to me seems to be, steer clear.

Which is a real shame – a once in a lifetime, international sporting event, held in our capital city, and for anyone who doesn’t have tickets, you’re pretty much better off staying well away.

The advice on the security risks surrounding the games are enough to scare you away.  The transport system, the Olympic sites and key tourist attractions sadly all pose a huge terrorism risks.  Being in the vicinity full stop is a worry but taking a child into London is maybe just too much to contemplate.  Just getting stuck on a crowded tube if the weather stays this way is enough to put me off.

I think the culture minister was right to say stop moaning, enjoy London 2012 – we are a lot of moaning lumps, it’s an exciting time.  But being in London amongst the chaos may just not be worth the hassle.

We were heading to the fantastic children’s festival Lollibop in August but we’re likely to head to the Lake District for a long weekend with friends as a far more relaxing alternative.

What do you think? Do you live in London?  Are you going as far as moving out?  Have you cancelled work or personal commitments during the games?

Would be really interested in your thoughts.


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  1. We are getting as far away as possible: Arizona. Leave on Saturday!!!

    • Oooh sounds amazing! Good for you!

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