Summer Holidays: Grow your own Vegetables

August 7, 2012 at 3:59 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 2 Comments
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We grew a few bits in the garden last year and I think harvested at least a handful of edible courgettes and squashes.  I really envy my parents and their extensive patch of potatoes, salad leaves, onions, peppers, cucumbers and plenty more besides.  Maybe an operation on that scale will have to wait for 10 or so years.

We were asked to take part in the Birds Eye grow your own initiative so taking this as a good starting point we decided to try our hand at growing a few things from their packs.

We planted carrots and peas which got off to a flying start.  But then I moved them out into the sunshine at the start of the monsoon season and the slugs and wet weather finished off the carrots which was a real shame as their bushy little stalks were really starting to take shape.

We still have peas growing, hanging on in there, so I shall report back if they come to anything.  I’m sure we’ll hear the sound of popping pods before long…

I think it’s a great summer holiday activity planting vegetables – the trick is to keep young children interested by planning ahead so they can see something happening immediately – plant a few things yourself to get their interest levels going and then get them involved with the planting and nurturing.

One day I shall have a vegetable patch so large that I will never buy carrots at the supermarket again!

More photos on my Facebook page! 


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  1. Wow! How impressive 😉

  2. that’s awesome x

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