Review: SHOEtherapy Ballerina Pumps

August 25, 2012 at 2:28 pm | Posted in Reviews | 2 Comments
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I am carrying an extra stone around.  It’s hard work – and I’m probably going to put on about the same again between now and when I have my second baby in December.  I’m out of breath coming down the stairs – really, it’s not good.

So, heels are pretty much out of the window.  I take them in a little bag (which came which my SHOEtherapy pumps actually), in the car, stick them on at the last-minute, and take them off as soon as I possibly can.  This is usually for meetings.  Well I’m only 5ft 1in so an extra 3 is all important when you’re exerting a professional persona in front of clients, right?!

So, I have had the lovely opportunity to review a very cute pair of silver ballerina pumps courtesy of SHOEtherapy and they haven’t disappointed.

Like most pumps and sandals worn without socks, they rub a little whilst they mould to the shape of your feet.  This only happened the once and now they’re as comfy as could be.

What I like about them is the slightly wedge shaped sole, so they’re not totally flat which can make pumps really hard to walk in.  This shape gives you a multitude of benefits which we’ll come onto.

They’re also slightly gathered and elasticated at the front so they fit exactly to the shape of your foot.  My feet are quite small and narrow so pumps can sometimes be like boats on me.

Here are some more of the benefits.  The fact that they tone your muscles and reduce cellulite, I should be wearing them day in day out.  And especially good for pregnant ladies is the fact that they reduce that heavy, tired leg feeling and swollen ankles.

I can’t see the silver pumps on the site at the moment but the collection starts from around £65 and they really are a good investment.  They were designed by a team of doctors and orthopedists and are patented and clinically proven to reduce up to 75% of back and joints pains.


I received these silver ballerina pumps from SHOEtherapy to review.  I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to post honest, open reviews which will help you to make a decision to buy or not.


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  1. They sound ideal for me too! I do like ‘comfy shoes’ but not boring ones. Most ballerina styles are too flat for me. I’lllook out for these.

  2. oooo, lucky you. They sound heavenly. I wear pumps most days now: they work so well with chasing after children but don’t feel at all frumpy.

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