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So, Bear started big school a few weeks ago.  My heart broke into one hundred pieces, but he ran in, got stuck in and hasn’t looked back.

We were lucky enough to be supplied with school uniform essentials by Tesco, and plenty of it luckily as I soon realised you can’t get by on two shirts and two jumpers a week unless the washing machine is constantly on. Being a summer baby we opted for the smallest sizes available, mostly age 3-4 and thank goodness for shorts because the trousers needed rolling over several times.

I’ll cut straight to the Tesco school shoes because this is the bug bear I’ve heard most parents moaning about – £30 school shoes scuffed and worn within the first week.  Tesco boys shoes are £12.50 and have a great big rubber scuff bumper on the front and so far, three weeks in they’re looking great.  Velcro is a god send too as children can get their own shoes on – with a bit of nagging.

The shirts are washing well – both the formal short sleeve shirts and polo shirts – I prefer the real shirts, they look so much smarter, but they are less comfortable for kids I know, so we do a mixture.  A two pack of boys easy iron short sleeves shirts are a bargain at £3.  And they seriously do take seconds to iron.

Unfortunately the weather isn’t great now, but we’re persevering with Tesco boys shorts for a the time being until it gets cold; these have an adjustable waistband with the elastic and button to move along which has been much needed.  The trousers don’t but have belt loops.  The shorts with combat style pockets cost £7 for a two pack.

Bear was outwardly impressed that he had black socks and pants to go with his school uniform and on day two when I gave him brightly patterned pants, he declined stating that they weren’t part of his school uniform.  Serious stuff, dressing for school in the world of a four-year old.

We’re ready for winter too with a great coat with hood for £12 (age 3-4) – it’s really thick and padded with a fleecy lining, perfect for the cold walk to school that we’ll have in just a matter of weeks.

Overall we’ve been really impressed so far with the quality; the shoes and the shirts being the clear winners.  I’m happy to buy lots of school uniform and have a cupboard full, as long as it lasts and hopefully this will.  It’s the white polo shirts that will show up the daily activities of a four year old boy but they’ve survived bright blue poster paint already.

Tesco also does a uniform embroidery service.  Find out if your school participates and if they do they get 5% of what you spend.  More information on the Tesco Clothing website.


This is a sponsored post.  We received Bear’s school uniform to review from Tesco. I stick to the Bloggers with Integrity code to post honest, open reviews.

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  1. Good to know – My son starts school next year, and have to say… I wasn’t sure whether Tesco would be any good, or if I ought to go for more expensive? Would it be better quality? But this is reassuring, makes it simpler. Fab:)

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