To blog or not to blog – why do it?

September 28, 2012 at 11:19 am | Posted in Daily Life | 1 Comment
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This week I was lucky enough to be part of a panel of five bloggers speaking at a Fe-Line Women Word of Mouth event in Oxford – the theme for the evening held at The Port Mahon was ‘To blog or not to blog’.

Each of the panelists introduced their blog and talked about why they write, what they got out of it and what their top tips would be.

I was joined by the lovely Natasha from Candy Pop, Holly from Obergine, Monika from Mum on the Brink and Silvia from Silvia Siret.  All shared a really valuable insight into the wonders of the world of blogging – and we shared some of the downsides too.  Natasha talked about showcasing beautiful vintage treasures from the worlds of fashion and interiors and the great opportunities with national magazines, Holly impressed with her technical knowledge, Monika, like me, talked about documenting her life with her family and some of the lovely opportunities that have come with that, and Silvia warmed hearts with her honesty about her baby steps into the world of blogging.

I could go on for more than too long about our conversations that night, it was a fun, light and inspiring evening and I think everyone who came took away something new and valuable about what blogging could mean for them.

For me the following were some of the most important points on why to start a blog:

– The introduction into a community in your area of interest that you had no idea ever existed.

– The opportunity to write for you, as you and talk to other people who share your values, highs, lows and points of view

– The chance to go to events, meet people and learn about things that you’ve always wanted to do

– The chance to reach out to people who you don’t usually sit and speak to with ease.

– The possibility of making some money from your efforts

And my top tips for writing a blog

– Write for you, not an audience

– Focus on writing from the heart, not stats and not perks

– Understand that there will always be stalkers and a few unsavoury characters lurking

– Support your efforts with Twitter and Facebook

– Pick a handful of places to be, events to go to and campaigns to get involved in – you can’t be everywhere

I’ll leave you with this…

If you’re trying to write about something and you can’t make it happen, it’s because it’s something that doesn’t interest you or you don’t believe in.  Write for the right reasons not because you’ll get traffic, start a conversation or otherwise.  Just be yourself and have fun.


Thank you to the lovely Jo for organising and also Cathryn Clark of a Crafty Chai and Jo Thoenes, BBC Oxford radio presenter and soon to be adventurer of many things including a blogger possibly for coming as my guests.

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  1. Great post – it was lovely to meet you!

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