Should charity collectors be allowed in cafes?

October 6, 2012 at 7:59 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 2 Comments
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On Friday I was waiting in a small café for a friend to join me and I was approached at my table by a very nice chap shaking a Help for Heroes tin and asking for donations.

I was slightly taken a back, being engrossed in my own thoughts whilst taking a Diet Coke break.

As a family we probably give to charity on a weekly basis via a combination of street collections, charity bag donations and regular clear outs to local shops – including Help for Heroes.

We also take part in school fundraising activities for charities and give one-off donations for big annual causes like Comic Relief.

So, seeing as I was enjoying a small space I had assigned as ‘my time’, I didn’t expect to be approached at the table and I didn’t give any money as a result. I politely explained that we gave lots of donations to the local Help for Heroes shop and he carried on going from table to table.

Others in the café were eating lunch and were putting down paninis to retrieve purses or go through pockets.

I was really surprised that he obviously had permission from the café, as it was a little place and he couldn’t go unnoticed.

So, of course my immediate reaction was, ‘what does Twitter say?’.

The response was overwhelming when I asked whether it’s acceptable.


swingsandprettyOct 05, 2:35pm via Twitter for iPad@Baby_Genie @elainescott77@ChrisTeaAndCake we all do what we can but I don’t want to feel guilty if I choose not to.

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ChrisTeaAndCakeOct 05, 2:22pm via Twitterrific@Baby_Genie that’s very cheeky, when I’m having a brew, I’m having a brew, everything else can feck off! @elainescott77 @swingsandpretty

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swingsandprettyOct 05, 12:22pm via Web@seasparkle_x @Baby_Genie I wouldn’t like it either. I’m currently fundraising but I will not do hard sell

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seasparkle_xOct 05, 12:18pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®@Baby_Genie NO! I actually hate them approaching at all and putting pressure on you. I give to charities lots but hate hard sell/blackmail

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HeatherYoungUkOct 05, 12:15pm via Web@Baby_Genie I don’t think they’re legally allowed to do that?

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craftychaiOct 05, 12:14pm via Twitterrific for Mac@Baby_Genie No! Hate that. If you turn them down, you look bad to other people, but they won’t know why you’ve turned them down!

gCharityOct 05, 12:14pm via Google

RT @Baby_Genie (Catherine)Here’s a question, would you be happy to be approached by charity tin collectors in a…

Him_Me_ThreeOct 05, 12:12pm via Web@Baby_Genie No, the same as I can’t stand those that stand there rattling their tins, despite it being ‘outlawed’

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BigFashionistaOct 05, 12:12pm via Twitter for iPhone@Baby_Genie No. Personally I wouldn’t.


After recent news headlines about chuggers, it’s quite a topical issue.  What do you think, yay or nay to charity collectors in cafés?


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  1. I always feel uncomfortable with this. x

    • It’s an odd one isn’t it – you want to give but not when you’re eating your lunch!

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