Help, what will we call our baby boy – top boys names

October 14, 2012 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 16 Comments
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When we called our first son Noah, we knew when we decided on the name that we loved it – and we knew when he arrived that it was perfect for him.  With a second boy on the way  (it can’t be Lois which it would have been if it was a girl), we’re totally stuck.  We’ve come up with hundreds of names but none that we can agree on and none that we’ve fallen in love with.

Here are just some of the names I’ve deliberated over – not husband’s most favourite round up.

We’re stuck – suggestions most welcome!

1. Rupert

2. Victor

3. Casper

4. Jasper

5. Stanley

6. Ted

7. Barney

8. Barnaby

9. Jacob

10. Elliot

11. Max

12. Oscar

13. Leon

14. Arthur

15. Dexter

16. Rory

17. Frankie

18. Benjamin

19. Joe

20. Bertie



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  1. Jasper!! Goes so well with Noah!

  2. Joe of course!

    • Goes well with the middle name we have too!

  3. We were the opposite for my last baby, we had a definite boys names but not a girls name. Luckily was a boy – Noah (great name!!).

    Out of your list, I love Elliot, if I was to have another baby boy I would be pushing for that name, I love it. But there are lots of good names on your list.

    S x

  4. I have no idea to be honest, some great names. Hugs xx

    • You’ll have to pick boys and girls, any ideas yet?!

  5. I am slightly biased (because they are my boys’ names) but I think that Jacob goes very well with Noah.

    • Jacob goes well with our middle name too!

  6. Jasper, Ethan and Benedict were our choices for a boy.

  7. Quite like all of these, in no particular order!
    Fraser !!

    • Some nice ones there! Unfortuantely the majority that we like are already take by Bear’s best buddies at school!

  8. Congratulations ! We have plenty of boy’s names lined up for you, hope you like them! We love the names Ben, Andrew, Oliver, Ben( Benny), Lee, Jack, Luca, Jacques and Stevie! What do you think? 🙂

  9. Exciting times Ms Genie! I think you’ve got some crackers to choose from there. Just don’t tell anyone what you finally decide on until he arrives. Great Aunts (or complete strangers in fact) love to poo poo a name when you tell them what you are thinking of. Not many have the gall to offer their opinion once you declare his name after he arrives. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, I hope you are keeping well and resting (at least a bit). x

  10. I have a Noah and his little brothers are Seth and Ezra

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