Christmas cards for school friends – for or against?

December 11, 2012 at 7:04 pm | Posted in Christmas, Daily Life | 2 Comments
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So we’re in the thick of it – manic Christmas card writing and coaxing of small children to add their names, and even better include kisses or a drawing as well.

But the big question is, do you buy cards for your children to write for their school friends?

Bear is four and in his first year at school.  He’s received a handful of cards so far and has been beyond delighted to receive each one.  The look on his face a mixture of pride, excitement and utter glee – you can see that he is totally flattered by the gesture.

In which case, if all children feel like that then giving cards at this young age can only be a good thing, right?

But then it can get complicated.  Some children haven’t given your child a card – and they’re not silly at this age, they notice everything.  A card swapped by the coat pegs doesn’t go unnoticed by a four year old.

How do you explain that to a young child – you didn’t get a card from someone but of course they still like you – or as Bear puts it, of course they still want to be best friends.

This year we’ve opted to send one card which was carefully written by Bear and addressed to the whole class.  Partly because we have a newborn and the thought of coaxing children’s names out of our son and persuading him to add his autograph to 25 small squares of card was too much.  And it’s partly because I feel that it’s the sensible option.

I’ve heard of other schools doing this – they request that cards aren’t sent to other children but that they write one card for the class and it is then displayed in the classroom.  Each child gets to pin their own card up and it gives a really nice sense of inclusion and value.

I can’t get away from the fact that Bear is thoroughly enjoying receiving cards but I think I still believe in the one class card idea to avoid any disappointment. Interestingly he hasn’t asked to take in any cards other than the class card.



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  1. I was in the same predicament recently! Do we/don’t we send individual cards and this is for nursery school!! My 3 year old came home with a handful and was soooo excited about each and every one. I spent ages coaxing out all the childrens names and going over and over to ensure no one was left out! I gave in because I wanted her to feel the same as the others, but I definitely agree that its silly at such a young age (as I was the ones writing the cards). The idea of one card to the whole class is brilliant, we need more teachers to express this wish!!!

  2. Charles is only at preschool (he’s 3) but I have been wondering the same. There are children that he mentions but I’m not sure if he is friends with them, or simply talks about them because he knows their names.
    I have decided to just give out cards to those who send him one.
    Today he did take a card in for each member of staff and he was delighted to hand them out so I’m sure he would really like to give his friends a card, but I think they are too young at the moment.
    I love the idea of one card for the class to be displayed in the classroom.

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