Fussy Eaters: Food Painting

January 10, 2013 at 8:43 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 4 Comments
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This post is inspired by the lovely Food Genie who also happens to be my mum and is a great idea if your children are fussy eaters or you struggle to get veg into them.

Have you tried food painting?!

food painting

Using a mixture of good old Tomato Ketchup as a lead but accompanied by pea or sweetcorn purée for the vegetable element, food painting is a cheap and easy way of making meal times for children fun.

Our four and a half year old has taken a real dislike to meal times since starting school.  Once he’s home he just wants to flake out and usually watch TV for a period of time or playing with us or favourite toys.  So getting him from whatever he’s playing with or sofa to the table is challenging.

Offering up the chance to paint his food and squirt brightly coloured toppings over his pasta is a great form of bribery and makes meal time more engaging and fun.  When he’s tired he also wants to be fed so this encourages him to feed himself

Mum has is cracked and our son wasn’t quite as keen on my yellow sweetcorn with added pesto for flavour purée as he was her bright green pea topping.  Shame because it tasted amazing!

Well worth a try and great fun.  Next step is coloured pasta, we’re going to try using beetroot and will report back!



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  1. What a great idea x

  2. Could I please pin this?

  3. […] out how to get four year old to eat more than a mouthful every 10 minutes  – I’m trying (see food painting), but the bath and book combo could be my secret […]

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