Casting baby feet – plaster reliefs

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Feet 1

Having tried and failed to paint and do hand prints when Sully was about three weeks old, my parents reminded me of the amazing plaster casts we did of our hands and feet as children.

So, with three pairs of hands we attempted to cast Bear (4) and Sully’s (5 weeks) feet.

And the results are fantastic – it’s not hard to do, you just need to order in a few supplies.

Alginate – opt for normal rather than slow setting so that it goes hard before your child can wriggle around too much. £8.45

Plaster – to fill the mould with. £9.65

A margarine tub for small feet or an ice cream tub for bigger.

feet 2


1. Mix up the alginate as per the instructions.  Hold the childs foot or hand in the tub so it’s not touching any of the sides, try and get them to keep as still as possible and pour the alginate into the tub.  Use warm water for smaller children and do it while they’re asleep if you can!

2.Hold still as long as possible until the alginate sets (it’s like the stuff the dentist uses to take impressions of teeth – rubbery!).  Wiggle the hand or foot slowly and gently until it comes out.

3. Mix up the plaster as per the instructions.  Pour into the alginate mould and leave to set for at least 24 hours.  Tap to remove any bubbles.

4. Carefully remove the mould cutting away small parts of the hard alginate, being careful not to scratch the plaster.  Don’t be tempted to pull away the alginate, you might lose a finger or toe!

5. Reveal the finished cast, you’ll be so pleased with it.  Leave plain or paint as you like.

Have fun!


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  1. Aww, these look great! We meant to do it at a friends ages ago but couldn’t go in the end. I think we should try again before Reuben gets much bigger…his legs already look like golf clubs – skinny legs and big feet!

  2. Aww these look great! We meant to do one when Reuben was a few weeks old at a friends but couldn’t go in the end. I shall remind my mate and see if we can have another go before his feet get much bigger (his great grandma says his legs are like golf clubs – skinny with big feet on the end!)

  3. […] Tiny feet plaster reliefs Here’s a lovely idea for the little ones; plaster cast feet. Don’t worry, no hospital trips are required, just a couple of special ingredients (alginate and plaster). The rest is easy; just pop your child’s foot in the alginate to create a mold into which you pour the plaster. 24 hours later and hey presto you have a gorgeous gift, which will put you one step ahead with mum. Click here for instructions […]

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  5. conceive magazine

    Casting baby feet – plaster reliefs | Baby Genie

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