Bathtime and stories combined – am I mad?!

February 6, 2013 at 10:49 am | Posted in Daily Life | 1 Comment
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Noah Bath

Now that we have two boys, bedtime has become slightly more complicated.

Husband is often at work in the evening and I am yet to nail a calm and controlled bedtime operation – if there is such a thing. I have taken to pouring a glass of wine a little earlier than I used to.

So, I put it out to Twitter yesterday – does anyone read their children stories whilst they’re in the bath to speed things up?

At the moment tea is at 5.30pm and with the snails pace that our four year old eats and faffs around at, we’re never upstairs until 6.30pm. With bedtime at 7pm, the bath and story routine is a little squeezed.  Yes I need to figure out how to get four year old to eat more than a mouthful every 10 minutes  – I’m trying (see food painting), but the bath and book combo could be my secret weapon.

The general consensus on Twitter was that it’s a genius idea, so I will be giving it a go – anyone else tried and succeeded?

The other thing we’ve tried is bath time phonics with bath crayons –  works well and four year old has started writing his own words for me to spell – admittedly they are concoctions such as ‘hmp’, ‘wilp and ‘goft’ but we’ll get there.

All bedtime routine tips most welcomely received especially if accompanied by red wine recommendations.

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  1. necessity they say is the mother of invention. I say do what ever works well for you now!

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