Review: Mamascarf Breastfeeding Scarf

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Some women are natural breastfeeders and can whop a boob out any place, any time, under any circumstances AND continue their conversation whilst tending to an older child at the same time as well.

Other women cannot.

I am other women.

So, if you don’t wish to be housebound or banished to the loneliness of ‘the other room’ every three to four hours then there needs to be a solution.  We put the Mamascarf breast feeding scarf to the test with our newborn Sully.

The first outing for the neat navy embroidered scarf was a very public place – the Southbank Cafe in London just before Christmas during a trip to the German Christmas Markets on the waterfront.  A family outing with our four year old and then two week old Sully.  It’s that period of parenting when you’re still slightly sweaty and anxious about getting out and about but fiercely determined to prove that you can do it and enjoy trips as normal.

So I slipped him into the sling and got comfy and it was fine! I sat, beaming, feeling smug as I fed our son, in public, discreetly AND had a cup of tea at the same time.  It’s never going to be as easy as breastfeeding on the comfort of your sofa with numerous pillows to support you but it makes public feeding really simple and stress free.

The fabric is lightweight so your baby doesn’t get hot and the design is simple and stylish.  Before getting this I’d bought a big woollen pashmina to use, considering it was winter, but it was far too hot and bulky.  The Mamascarf fits nicely in your change bag.

The scarf costs around £17.99 but if you like the Facebook page you can get at 10% discount.

Definitely worth it for anyone who wants to feed publicly but lacks the confidence to let it all show.


We were sent the Mamascarf breastfeeding scarf to review. I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only post honest and open reviews.

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