Which woman would your husband choose?

February 23, 2013 at 7:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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When you have children most, if not all women, go through some sort of style crisis.  I know I have on both occasions.

It’s compounded by the school run – you look at other mothers, comparing yourself to them – how quickly they lost their baby weight, how they deal with meltdowns from their children at the school gate and still look composed – how they channel their inner style goddess even on the coldest of winter mornings, when your nose is red and streaming and your ratty old gloves are slowly unravelling.

You also ponder what sort of woman your husband is attracted to at this stage in his/your life.  Is it still you?  So, you’re not the flirty mini skirt and wedges wearing girl he met in a bar in Crete, but does he now think the slightly more mature, softer around the edges you is equally as alluring?  I sometimes wonder if I have a warped view of the type of woman my husband would pick – should he be given the opportunity.

So, here’s my question to you.  Which of the following three women would your husband choose as his wife?  Not a bit on the side – his wife – a woman on his arm at the park, at dinner, at the movies.

Then, ask your husband which woman he would pick – with the promise of no repercussions for his choice.  I’d be interested to know if the two choices match.

If my husband wasn’t on a boys night out at the boxing, I’d ask him too. I shall report back.





Images courtesy of (left to right): Becomegorgeous.com, Boden, Indulgy




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  1. My husband and I both chose the woman on the right, not sure what that means but she’s waaaaaay better looking than me so perhaps I’d better watch out! x

  2. He wouldn’t choose any of those three…he would choose you! Why? Because you are not one of a ‘type’ …you are you! And he chose you because you stood out from the crowd…you are unique. You are you.

  3. Let me ask my mistress which one she thinks should be my next wife.

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